Playa Koralia – Caribbean Nature Hotel, Colombia



Playa Koralia Hotel

(57) – 310 – 642 2574
(57) – 317 – 510 2289
Buritaca, Colombia

On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, 10 km north of the world famous Parque Tayrona, is Playa Koralia ~ a  very pretty and secluded hotel.




Playa Koralia offers the wide empty beaches that one dreams about over the long days looking out the window at an asphalted cityscape.  One can literaly walk to the water and look left and right up and down the beach and not see another sign of habitation.  Combine this with elegant bungalows, outdoor dining and beach-side bar and one has found the ultimate getaway.




I would recommend a longer stay – it is after 2-3 days when the peace of Koralia really begins to take hold.  You suddenly find what life is/was without deadlines, appointments, schedules and people telling you what to do.  You want to wake at 5, grab a lunch and go bird-watching? Koralia is there for you.  You want to dance till the wee-hours, sleep late and wake up to a lush breakfast? Koralia provides.  Lay on the beach reading, scour the mountains trekking, climb to high lagoons or surf – You can truly, finally do what you want to do without asking permission – be free and visit Playa Koralia – Colombia’s sundrenched gem!











Koralia-5905 .

victoria_holguin_15(above photo © Victoria Holguin)

De Farine Et D’Eau Fraiche – Montreal, Canada

de-farineabove photo © Vladimir Antaki via

De Farine Et D’Eau Fraiche

Caffe and Pastry Shop
(1) 514 522-2777
1701 Rue Amherst
Montréal (QC)  QC H2L 3L4, Canada

Open Hours:
7:30 am – 6:00pm  Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 7:00pm  Saturday
11:00 am – 5:00pm  Sunday

De-Farine-005  De-Farine-004


The name De Farine Et D’Eau Fraiche translates to ‘Flour and Fresh Water’ and is an apt name for a lovely café located in the gay village of Montreal.  The overall design is by studio Surface3 – including the branding, interior design,  and  custom furniture.  Surface3 has synthesized a modern yet cozy vibe, by combining organic elements: distressed wood tables, with the logo tattooed on it’s surfaces, and hanging white gloss lathed table leg light fixtures.  The use of  general frieze molding as wall coverings continues the classic materials used in new ways.

Pastry chef Marilu Gunji is a queen of the aesthetics. All the cookies, cakes, pastries and candies are visually seductive.  Everything is carefully displayed; the refrigerated cases with their vintage cake stands and on glass urns – with all the pretty pastries on coordinated doilies.  The kitchen is open and visible to customers and adds to the impeccable feel.

The De Farine Et D’Eau Fraiche also serves crispy salads, savory soups and sandwiches.  Most importantly, you can accompany your sweets with a good cup of coffee.  Chef Marilu Gunji also creates just the cutest mini wedding cakes!


above photo © Vladimir Antaki via






 defarabove photo © Eva Blue 

Mondrian South Beach Hotel – Miami



Mondrian South Beach HoteL

(1) 305 514-1500
1100 West Ave, South Beach,
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hitting the three high points of design hotels – Style, Service and Comfort – the Morgan Hotel Group’s Mondrian South Beach is the perfect stay in this glam destination.

The style is obvious.  It is just over the top enough – simultaneously besting the local glitz, but still retaining a touch of class.  The photos speak for themselves.

The service was sincere, kind and attentive.  From our first impression with the parking attendant to our check-out; each person we interacted with placed our needs at the forefront.  Moving about the property was easy as the staff was there to guide and advise; as oppose to monitor which gives many other hotels a slightly oppressive feeling.

Comfort is our third pillar – and when one realizes it is really a combination of the first two; we are not surprised to find it at the Mondrian.  Our room 405 was especially ample – a standard that had the dimensions of a suite.  Opening the door, one just felt lucky – and that is never a bad way to start a holiday!  The bed was a good sleep, the bathroom luxurious and the room one you could live in (well – us  New Yorker’s with small apartments, anyways!)

There are a few other nice details:  One being that the Mondrian is located off the beachfront so you are not suffocated by the hub-ub, but it is close at hand.  We also were happy to discover that the Whole Food was located just around the corner; making beach picnics an easy go!

We are looking forward to our next stay and highly recommend the Mondrian if your travels take you to Miami’s South Beach.


















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