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We are a husband and wife that realized we should put to good use or loves of travel, photography, dining, exploring and picky-ness (we like to think of it as discerning taste)!  We have our unique take on life, and that translates into discovery.  Our core skill is searching beyond fad, to the underlying truth of the world. In metaphor we are into Books, not Covers (though an exciting cover can be part of a wonderful book!)

We seem to have a natural luck when it comes to finding top spots in any location. Often even surprising the locals!  Whether it is stumbling across the top kebab shop in Istanbul or ferreting out the finest coffee in NYC; we enjoy the search, the discovery and the sharing of people, places and opportunities that make every part of this world unique!

Feel free to drop us an email to hello@ablogvoyage.com or give us a call at USA 1-(212) 674-7469.

thanks for you interest!

Ondina & Ethan Rosch

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  1. Congratulations, I don’t know you, but it’s always a pleasure to find people you connect! I am realizing that the latest ‘connected’ people are from New York. It’s not difficult to know why but it still surprising me.
    I share your joyful energetic vision of life, discovering, enjoying, sharing.

    Greetings from Beijing.

    Alberto LĂłpez

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