Bazaar – South Beach, Miami

SLS MIAMI Bazaar_025 copyFerran Adrià Olives, Modern & Traditional Liquid green olive and gordal olives stuffed with piquillo pepper and anchovy

Bazaar by Jose Andres

(1) 305 455-2999
SLS Hotel South Beach
1701 Collins Ave,  South Beach
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Open Hours:
18:00 – 00:00    Diner  – Sunday to Thursday
18:00 – 01:00    Diner  – Friday & Saturday

We are seeing more and more ‘outpost’ restaurants – where a big name chef attaches his name to a local property.  It then becomes a Where’s Waldo campaign to figure out where the chef actually is, and how much involvement he actually has, with that particular monikered restaurant.

Having been to the Jose Andres outpost in Las Vegas, we were very unsure which version of the Chef would be present on South  Beach, Miami; after all, Miami feels a bit closer to Vegas then Barcelona.

We are quite happy to report that our meal, drinks and service were at an all-time high.  In short, the dinner was fantastic!

Kudos to Chef Vargas for the day-to-day work and keeping Bazaar at the top end of  Miami dining.  Each dish was coordinated perfectly – from the stylish presentation to the exquisite  finish.  We really had a lovely meal – topped off with an extra Caipirinha (Made with Liquid Nitrogen table-side of course!!

If you find yourself in Miami – Bazaar by Jose Andres is heartily recommended 🙂

SLS MIAMI Bazaar_018 copy Dragon fruit and tuna Ceviche with, pecans, lemon juice, and hibiscus foam

Note that Bazaar has an all-day menu and is a great place to also pop into for a quick lunch.  Standouts include the Gazpacho Patricia (tomatoes, cucumbers, crouton, sherry vinegar), the Pan con tomato (perfect bread flown in daily from Spain) and the afternoon drink of choice .. Passion Fruit Up (Dark  rum , passion fruit and ginger – laurel syrup , topped with passion fruit espuma)

SLS MIAMI Bazaar_009 copySmoked Kusshi oysters, compressed apples, apple mignonette and apple foam
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_011 copySmoked Kusshi oysters, compressed apples, apple mignonette and apple foam
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_005 copyJasmine’s Margarita , pomegranate, fresh lime and Sal de Gusano with Mezcal
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_021 copyNot Your Everyday Caprese cherry tomatoes, liquid mozzarella over pesto with drops of balsamic reduction
caprese 10 copy(above photo © SLS Hotels) Not Your Everyday Caprese
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_014 copyConch Fritters ‘Café Atlantico’ with a liquid bechamel cente
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_030 copyhot and cold scallop ceviche
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_015 copyPan con tomate
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_022 copyGressini trees with truffles  and Parmesan Espuma
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_029 copyOctopus  with romesco sauce
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_023 copyGressini trees with truffles  and Parmesan Espuma
The Bazaar_Liquid Nitrogen Capirihna_Darko Zagar copy(above photo © SLS Hotels) LN 2 Caipirinha
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_035 copyPreparation of the liquid nitrogen LN 2 Caipirinha
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_032Baby Japanese Peaches fresh burrata, hazelnuts, arugula over praline
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_038Chef Vargas
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_002 copy
SLS MIAMI Bazaar_003 copy

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