Bazurto Social Club – Cartagena, Colombia



Bazurto Social Club

(57) 317 648 1183
(57) 315 655 4120
Calle Del Centenario,
Cra Novena N# 30 – 42 Getsemani
Cartagena,  Colombia

18:00  – 2:00    Thursday
18:00  – 4:00    Friday-Saturday

Bringing us back to Cartagena’s Carribean roots, the Bazurto Social Club, located in the old-city neighborhood of Getsemani, fills us with the sounds and tastes of the tropical world it inhabits.  Bazurto -named after it’s inspiration: the Basurto Market– is a cacophony of beauty and sound.  Original murals are splayed across the walls, while the live band kicks out local hit -anything from Reggae to Reggaton -and you are handed  a lovely fresh squeezed cocktail.  The cuisine is a an array of local recipies to remind you why the people are always so happy. – the later you arrive the more fun it is

As the sign over the door says – Welcome to Jet-Set Mani 🙂

basurto 2empanadas

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