Canım Ciğerim – Istmbul, Turkey

Tomislavmedak-Canım_Cigerim(Above photo  © Tomislav Medak)

Canım Ciğerim

(90)  212 252 6060
Asmalı Mescit Mah. Minare
Sok. No. 1  34430
Beyoğlu, Istmbul, Turkey

11:00am  12:00 pm – daily

Canım Ciğerim is one of those places that we found with our noses, wandering the back streets of Istanbul – only to find out that it is in fact quite well known!  The name has a literal  translation  to ‘”my soul, my liver”,  grilled liver being the specialty of the house – but there are  many standard and vegetarian options.

A kebab house with a grill afire full of tangy meats and veggies – the smell wafts well down the street – drawing in all hungry passerby!  Grab yourself some skewers and top with the tasty condiments – pomegranate molasses,  grilled tomato, grilled onions and peppers  fresh dill,  fresh parsley,  fresh mint and chili paste.

I’m sure the team at Canım Ciğerim is there right now laughing and grilling 🙂


Next door an Ottoman desert called Künefe a melted cheese wrapped in shredded filo dough, soaked in honey  and topped with pistachios

Sudhamshu(Above photo Künefe  © Sudhamshu)

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