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A quick note from A Blog Voyage

Hello Travelers 🙂

If you happen to follow A Blog Voyage, you will see that we have gone through another burst of posts, from our amazing trip to Mexico.  Such an amazing country!  Thank you to Matt & Diana for inviting us to their wedding and giving us the best reason to visit!  We had a marvelous experience and the country lived up to all the dreams we had for it – and more!  Highlights included:Looking forward to our return trip!

Please be patient while updating the site’s theme to the excellent Standard Theme.  This will be making the blog a bit faster and easier to use.  You may see some funkiness over the next weeks as we fine tune the customization.

As always it is our goal to present fun, pretty and the special places to visit around the globe.  We search and search and use our innate ability of un-relenting un-compromise to find the places that satisfy our standards.  It is our pleasure to share those deemed ‘blog-worthy’ with you!

We hope that you will continue to journey with us and that you enjoy our explorations. If you have anything to share, whether it be about a trip, experience or blog related, we would love to hear from you!

Ethan & Ondina Rosch
A Blog Voyage


A Blog Voyage

100 Posts !!!

Hello all

We’re very happy and proud that we have finally put together 100 posts here on A Blog Voyage. It is always interesting to put your experiences and thoughts out to the world without knowing how they are received or if anyone is really paying attention! In that way I guess blogs are a bit like SETI!

But we are feeling quite good about the content we are creating from our life’s experience and hope that you are able to take some small joy in it as well.

all the best
Ethan & Ondina Rosch
A Blog Voyage

Caravan – Boutique, Spitalfield’s Market, London

Caravan - London


(44) (0) 207– 033 3532
3 Redchurch Street
Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ
England UK

11:00 am – 6:30 pm    Tuesday to Friday
12:00 pm – 6:00 pm    Saturday & Sunday
Monday by appointment.


Caravan  is a wonderful ‘flea market chic’ boutique, in the heart of Spitalfield’s market, London.  Interior stylist and author Emily Chalmers has collected an array of charming little objects.  They tantalize with their complete needlessness and their absolutely irresistibility.   You know you will be taking something home or for a friend.  Who can resist the egg-warming-hats?

Aside  from the variety of small objects, the store also carries some interesting furniture pieces, Deborah Bowness hand printed wallpaper, lamps, throw pillows and other home items.


Caravan - London

Caravan - London

Caravan - London

Caravan - London