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City of Bath – Somerset, England

Bath - EnglandThe Pulteney Bridge, Avon River

City of Bath

Somerset, England

In the South West England, there is a town that is too pretty for words.  It was founded in the 1st century AD by the Romans as a thermal spa (Aquae Sulis) and thus renamed Bath.

It’s current form started in the 18th century, under  in King George III.  We must give thanks  to the hard and inspired minds of  John Woods the elder (1704-1754) and the younger (1728-1782), and their interpretation of Andrea Palladio’s (1508-1580) concept of picturesque aestheticism.  We now see the seamless integration of the The Roman Baths and temple complex,  the remains of the city of Aquae Sulis, and the more modern English City.

Other architects and visionaries responsible for overall city landscape were Robert Adam , Thomas Baldwin  and John Palmer.

Bath is also a must place to visit for any Jane Austen admirer 🙂

Royal Crescent(above photo Royal Crescent © Christina West)
BathVT-Profesor(above photo Palladian Bridge at Prior Park © VT Professor)

This Palladian bridge in the Prior Park Landscape Garden was built in 1755, and it is  one of only four in the world. is set into a sweeping valley with magnificent views of the city of Bath.

The Circus, Bath(above photo The Circus © Robert C)

From ‘Obsession: John Wood and the Creation of Georgian Bath’, 2004, pp95-98).

The (originally ‘Kings’) Circus (South Eastern Section – c1762-6) bathed in the late October sun of 2007, one of the best autums I can remember. As ever, the play of light across the beautiful Bath stone allows this shot to become magical! (Best viewed large size.)It has been pointed out that the Circus was originally devoid of any plants or grass, being a circle of cobbles, since Wood intended the link to nature to be a direct one-to-one relationship between the architecture and its symbolism and the open skies above – ‘a dramatic and theatrical space where the architecture took centre stage’. Wood believed that there had always existed a temple to the Sun and Moon on Lansdown hill and the Circus was to be his recreation of a temple of the Sun, with the Royal Cresent the reborn temple of the crescent moon! As such the Circus is the same internal diameter (318′) as Stone Henge, itself an ancient temple of the sun.

3979409417_6e360e2848_z(above photo The circus © Adrian Sparrow)
Circus leaves(above photo The Circus © Andy Clist)
Classic(above photo The Circus © Andy Clist)
3507828198_1f7ac507b8_z(above photo Temple of Sulis Minerva Roman Baths © Andrew Cameron)

Bath - England

Avebury Ring – Wiltshire, England

Avebury(above photo © Joe Dunckley)

Avebury Ring

Wiltshire, England
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coordinates 51.4275131,-1.8549353

We gathered together outside the stone ring at Avebury – it is the world’s oldest dating from between 2,500-2,600 BC)and one of the largest with a diameter of 331.6m –  to experience a bit of druid magic.  Surprisingly enough, we did.

Equipped with copper divining rods (on loan) and open minds we began the circuit allowing our steps to be guided by touch, ley lines and gravitational pull.  The divining rods did rotate in our hands and quietly and surely guided us.   Most interestingly, it seems the sheep are also guided by the same forces!  Invariable the rods would cross as we reached the matted down depressions, where one of our furry friends had bedded down (or in some cases recently quickly vacated at our approach!)

ave-5(above photo © Kronsteen)
(above photo
© Jon Morris-Smith)

The rings symbolize an ancient power.  These megalithic monuments making it up are of an age with the Pyramids at Giza – and represent another engineering feet.  There were originally 98 sarsen (sandstone blocks)  standing stones, some weighting up to 40 tons and heights varying between 3 and 4.2 meters (10 & 13 ft.)  The moving and standing of these mammoth stones required a level of cooperation that to erect that still mystifies to this day.  If you find yourself anywhere near the ring – even if it is just as a country outing – it is worth the time 🙂

Avebury Ring - Wiltshire, England

Avebury Ring - Wiltshire, England

Avebury Ring - Wiltshire, England

Avebury Ring - Wiltshire, England


South Circle stones(above photo South Circle stones 103, 102, 101 & 105 and the Tower of St James church © Jim Champion)
ave-3(above photo The Cove, which is the remains of the  northern inner circle © Steve Watson)
ave-0(above photo The Cove, which is the remains of the  northern inner circle  © Robert C)

Nearby is Silbury Hill which is the largest man-made mound in old Europe

Silbury Hill, Wiltshire.(above photo Silbury Hill © Martin Avtost)

D.R Harris Apothecary – London, UK


D.R Harris & CO Pharmacy

(44) 20 7930 3915
29 St James’s St
London, UK SW1A 1HB

8:30 am – 6:00pm  Monday  –  Friday
9:30 am – 5:00pm  Saturdays

D.R. Harris & Co is a throwback to an Englishness that defined a nation.  Established in 1790 this family-owned apothecary continues to produce the majority of their products using the same traditional methods.  Being both hand-made and packed on the premisses just embues the aura even further.

Amongst their diverse selection of products you can find – lavender water, soaps, colognes, bath and shaving preparations, skin lotions and aromatherapy oils, as well as body sponges, bone handled toothbrushes with bristle heads and – all sorts of little things that you just feel right acquiring – and a plus is they do not test on animals!



You know you are shopping in the footsteps of giants as in 1938 D.R. Harris was granted the Royal Warrant as Chemists to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth & the Queen Mother and in 2002 the warrant to HRH The Prince of Wales.