Cha-An Tea House – NYC

Cha-an050Sesame Creme Brulee

Cha-An Tea House

212 228 8030
230 East 9th st 2nd floor (bet, 2nd-3rd Avenues)
New York, NY 10003


A true Japanese tea house nestled in the new ‘Little Tokyo’ of 9th street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues. Traditionally decorated, they use a wide array of lovely dishes, glasses and plates.

Cha-An offers a very nice selection of Black Teas (keemun mao feng, darjeeling 2nd flush, assam, divine earl grey, ceylon), Green Teas (dragon pearls, flower craft, jasmine pearls, sench, genmaicha, hojicha, matcha), Oolong Teas (osmanthus, tieguanyin, twelve trees), Pu-erh Tea, White Teas (white peony, yinzhen, silver needle) and Herbal Teas






One can buy Chef Kato’s cakes, cookies, tea canisters, truffles and tea by the oz. to enjoy at home

The daily lunch set, available until 7:00, is a Donburi; a large rice bowl topped with vegetables and  anything from Eal to chicken.  It is served with tea and 2 small appetizers.

The sesame creme brulee is absolutely spectacular – really a top find, As well,  the sakura flan (cherry blossom) is very delicate and light.  Lastly, there is the famous cha-an toast. Scrumptious!  It is thick white toast, topped with adzuky beans, iceream and sweet cream

A favorite is the soy milk quiche w/ mushrooms & scallions, so silky and savory.  It comes with the 2nd of the main Tea Sets, which are the main offering.  They each are a lovely selection of savories, sweets and tea.

Cha-An Tea Set A
15 grain rice porridge, 6 kinds of mini appetizer, dessert and your choice of tea

Cha-An Tea Set B
15 grain rice, , daily soup & vegetable, soy milk quiche with mushrooms & scallions, tea smoked salmon15 and your choice of tea

For a smaller appetite, try the Afternoon Tea set with its two kinds of sandwiches, freshly baked scones,  assorted cha-an sweets and your choice of tea

Sake, special beers and a few very unique cocktails round out the menu.

Cooking classes with chef Kato are available on request every monday- thursday from 11:00am to 1:00pm

For a very special time experience the full contemplated beauty of a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony  Call in advance and plan for one in their tatame matted ceremony room.


Cha-an053Sesame Creme Brulee





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  1. This looks fantastic – I’ll have to try this out – I’ve never been to a Japanese tea shop! Currently, I am super into organic tea – so many different flavors these days too. There’s a place in the West Village called The Tea Set which specializes in organic tea and champagne. The prices are reasonable, but I did hear that they are running a promotion for their tea – $30 worth of food and drink for only $15, and $20 worth of take home tea for $10 – amazing deals! Here’s the link, it’s on BuyWithMe NYC Happy drinking!

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