Coure – Barcelona, Spain

coure-bcn-004above photo © Coure


(34) 93 – 200 7532
PJ Marimon 20,
08001 Barcelona, Spain

Open Hours:
13:00 – 16:00     Lunch  Tuesday – Saturday
20:00 – 24:30    Dinner  Tuesday – Saturday

With its discreet entrance and residential location, Coure is there for those that who are looking for it; it is not the grand tourist attraction that it should be! Chef Albert Ventura and pastry chef Joan Grimal have conceived a wonderful station for the modern creative delights of Catalan cuisine.

We had lunch in the lower level of the restaurant, which is smaller and more formal.  Later we learned that the ground level has a small bar and its own spirited menu.  Next to our table was a book shelf, filled with amazing cook books; there to entertain and prompt the palate, while the kitchen prepared your marvelous meal.

Our lunch began with clams and Escopinyes (cockles), which are always fun. Next up was a tasty Cantabrian Anchovy salad – each sided with an incredibly delicious warm bread.

Something new to us was the Mojama, who’s name is derived from the Arabic word musama, meaning dry.  Mojama is a sea salt cured tuna, and is considered a Mediterranean delicacy; with origins dating from the time of the Phoenician settlements on the Catalan coast.  The best approximation is the tuna version of a thinly sliced, dry jamon serrano.

Also new to us were the Santiaguiños  –  (scyllarus arctus); a Klingon-esque creature in both looks and flavour – we just had to try it!  However, like everything at Coure, it is refined and delicious.

The Amanida de verat (Mackerel salad), was not only exquisite, but beautifully plated as well.  We followed the salad with the Sea Bas a la sous vide – perfect and delicate in every way.

We finished with a moist excellent Torrija (think French Toast, but instead of egg, custard). This quickly became our go-to Spanish dessert; and a barometer of our love for the restaurant.  The Torrija at Coure was the second favorite in our Barcelona food adventure!

Coure_008amanida de verat (mackerel salad)
Coure_010mojama  (salt cured tuna)
Coure_011mojama  (salt cured tuna)
Coure_007Cantabrian anchovies salad
Coure_012sous vide sea bass
Coure_001Santiaguiños  –  (scyllarus arctus)
Coure_003cescopinyes (cockles)
coure-bcn-003above photo © Coure
coure-bcn-015above photo © Coure


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