El Bazaar Sabado – Mexico City, Mexico


El Bazaar Sabado

(52) 55 616-0082
Plaza San Jacinto No. 11 INT 12 y 13
San Angel, México, D.F.


10:00 am – 7:00pm    Saturday

Mexico City’s Bazaar Sabato has been humming since 1960, yes, as a weekend destination for the the tourists!  The main building – which is the official bazaar –  is a classic colonial house with a large patio in its center.  Here there sits a restaurant lively with music and a pretty good quesadilla kiosk!  Surrounding the patio, there are all sorts different handcrafts booths; with everything imagined from the gifted hands of wonderful Mexican artisans.

The entire area is a playground of artisanal design.  At the Plaza de San Jacinto, just across the street,  work is displayed on the pavement.  Around the corner, there is an open space in which tents hold smaller booths.  Nearby, not far from the Frida Kahlo house, there is a brick and mortar, high end handcraft store with creations from the more celebrated and award winning artisans in the country – here is where one can find the really spectacular!

The entire area is lovely to walk around, with cobblestone streets, colonial houses beautifully kept full of color and happiness 🙂

Bazar-del-Sabado-009Magnifient lamps by Jose Antonio Rodriguez Perez – Local 12-13
Bazar-del-Sabado-007lamps by Jose Antonio Rodriguez Perez – Local 12-13
Bazar-del-Sabado-013Hand painted Papyrus
Bazar-del-Sabado-001Casa del obispo,  galeria de arte popular
Bazar-del-Sabado-003Paper flowers by Jose Marcos Barco  – Local 47
Bazar-del-Sabado-011votive ceramic skulls

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