Ginza Kyubey – Tokyo, Japan

Kyubei Sushi 030Otoro

Ginza Kyubey

(81)  33.571-6523
8-7-6 Ginza, Chuo,
Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

Open Hours:
11:00 – 14:00    Monday – Saturdays
17:00 – 22:00    Monday – Saturdays

Kyubey is a restaurant you may be better off never going to.

Since our meal, over a year ago, we have yet to be truly satisfied and happy at any other eatery.  Kyubey was that good.

Everything about this flagship location is perfect.  You feel at home at the sushi bar.  It somehow remains intimate, even though 8 chefs line the bar and 10 private rooms co-exist over 5 floors above you.  It is a t once high-end and relaxed; perfectly crafted and slightly debauched. Kyube proves that when you reach the highest perfection, you don’t have to put up any front.

Kyubey is considered the epitome of sushi restaurants in Japan.  Rightfully so.  It is a bit hard to describe how a piece of raw fish can be that much better then another piece of raw fish.  Other then to say … The sushi and sashimi at Kyube is THAT much better then any other we’ve ever had.

Our experience began with a rousing welcome chant ” irasshaimase” and was just a ride of perfection.  Piece after piece, laugh after laugh, sake after sake, it was a rock-concert of flavor.

It was only several weeks after when, again,  we were walking away from another highly anticipated gourmet meal  that we realized what was giving us this vague feeling of un-satisfaction.  It was our meal at Kyube that raised the high-bar.

So be warned,  but please go and be rewarded!

Kyubei Sushi 002

Kyubei Sushi 005sushi shokunin Taira San
Kyubei Sushi 017Otoro
Kyubei Sushi 026
Kyubei Sushi 018
Kyubei Sushi 011Scallop
Kyubei Sushi 014Hamaguri  a large variety of Japanese clam, first simmered in a broth and then touched with a sweet sauce.
Kyubei Sushi 012Live Kurumaebi (sweet shrimp) sprinkled with sea salt
Kyubei Sushi 025Head from the Kurumaebi
Kyubei Sushi 024Ika (squid)
Kyubei Sushi 013Shimaaji,  (Striped Horsemackerel)
Kyubei Sushi 008Kohada with ginger
Kyubei Sushi 010Kohada, similar to mackerel
Kyubei Sushi 022Uni Big Fin Reef Squid
Kyubei Sushi 023Uni


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