Glastonbury Tor – Somerset, England

Glastonbury-003path to the Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Somerset, England


Just hearing the name- Glastonbury- brings images to mind: Arthurian England and Avalon, magical druids, hordes of young people covered in mud listening to music.  In life, Glastonbury Tor truly is a magical place.  There is a reason that all these iconographic legends are attached to it.  When we caught our first glimpse of the Tor; we were struck by its perfection.  It appears as a hallucination, something too wonderfully perfect to be real.

As we climbed toward the tower on top of Holly Hill,  I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of feet that have trod the same path over thousands of years.  Arthur trod here; for as long as man has been in England, he has walked these paths.  Saxon kings, Roman centurions, me.

The famous little town (10,,000 people) of Glastonbury is a bit hippie touristic these days.  What we did, and highly recommend, is to stop in and grab a picnic from the many organic food vendors who line the streets.  Definitely walk! Walk to the top of the High Street, make a right behind the abbey (duck in the back gate for a cute little garden and follow the signs up the back path towards the Tor.

We went totally hippie and brought divining rods (thanks Zoe!)- and I tell you they work!  It was amazing to watch them cross as we transgressed the ley lines and power spots.  One thing I found quite interesting, though in retrospect quite obvious, is that wherever I found a trampled oval from a resting sheep- I would invariably find a power spot where my rods would cross as fast as if someone grabbed them while in my hands!  If you didn’t bring a pair, grab one in any of the shops and head out to do some magic yourself – your in Avalon!


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