JB Prince – Chef Supply – New York, NY

JB Prince  -  New York, NY

JB Prince

Best Chef Tools Store
(1) 212 683-3553
36 East 31st Street – 11th floor
(Btw Madison – Park Av)
New York, NY 10016


9:00am – 5:00pm    Monday – Friday

Located next to Korea town in the center of Manhattan (near HanGawi), hidden high on the eleventh floor, JB Prince is an utopia for any chef or cook.  Always up to date with the latest tools and equipment and a loving staff that supplies excellent guidance to to any non-professional cooks.

JB Prince carries all the shapes and sizes of molds using different kinds of silicon and flexi-pans for tarts, cakes, terrine rings and including chocolates!  There is every type of cookware and wooden disposables, an small but high-end book selection of hard to find industry publications.  They also carry uniforms and knives and juicers and food processors and mandolins and sous-vide apparatus and utensils and ceramics and  smokers and and and …  well you get the picture.

Founded in 1977, mainly as a catalog sales, JB Prince has blossomed into the go-to place in New York.  Keeping to their ethos of knowledgeable service, wide selection and competitive prices, JB Prince will be here for many more years leading the way.


  JB Prince  -  New York, NY

JB Prince  -  New York, NYImmersion Thermal Circulator and Smoker

JB Prince  -  New York, NYPolycarbonate Chocolate Molds
JB Prince  -  New York, NYWood and bamboo disposable serving Pieces
JB Prince  -  New York, NYProfessional Silicone Molds

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