Mince Pies

Konditor & Cook – London, UK

Mince Pies
Mince Pies

Konditor & Cook

Borough Market
(44) 0844 854 93 63
10 Stoney Street
London SE1 9AD UK


Other Locations: Chancery Lane, Waterloo, Soho, The Gherkin and South Bank.

7:30am –  6:00pm  Monday to Friday
8:30am –  5:00pm  Saturday

The borough Market location (visited repeatedly) is just next to Monmouth coffee, the pairing couldn’t be more perfect.  Once you know what delicacies reside inside, it is almost impossible to pass by without picking something up.  ‘Konditor’ means pastry chef in German and pastry chef and creator Gerhard Jenne is German trained.  This creates a wonderful combination of technique with british staples, evidenced, in what I feel confident to say, is the world’s foremost mince pie.

Careful attention to ingredients – organic free-range eggs & natural butter – shows in the final product; a series of cookies, cakes, tartes, brownies and the lightest cheese-cake possible.  There is also a selection of wheat free, dairy free and low sugar pastries, as well as personalized funky cakes.  If you are in town for the holiday season, be sure to pick up as many as the aforementioned mince pies as possible.  We purchased one of the Christmas Pudding’s and brought it to friends in Nepal for our visit;  Tears of joy followed.

There are savories as well, with daily lunch specials,  sandwiches, salads, lasagna, and focaccias.

If you have to have more, check out Chef Gerhard Jenne’s book~ Wacky Cakes & Kooky Cookies.

Konditor and Cook - Whiskey Orange Bomb,Whiskey Orange Bomb covered with chocolate marzipan

Liquor Filled Chocolate Santas
Carrot Cake
Spinach Parmesan Muffin
(above photo ©Samantha Jones) Lemon Meringue Pies


(above photo © Georgie Knight)

Cinnamon Cookies

Mince Pies

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