Le Pain Quotidien – Worldwide

Le Pain Quotidien
(above photo ©Monica J)

Le Pain Quotidien


Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, India, Japan, Kuwait, Mexico, Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Emirates, UK, USA



Le Pain Quotidien is the first Organic food franchise worldwide. Created in 1990 by chef Alain Coumont in Brussels as a bakery, it has evolved into a cafe restaurant with over 151 Locations in 17 countries.

The interiors all have a rustic coziness with communal and individual tables equipped with organic olive oils, sea salt, beautiful preserves as well as everyone’s favorites hazelnut and chocolate  spreads.

The granola is made in house, while the menu expands with egg salads, cheese and tapenade plates,  special seasonal soups, lovely tartines of fresh breads with different toppings from cheese antipastos, smoked salmon and cold meats.  Rich Salads, comforting quiches, giant cappuccinos and of course the desserts!  A wide variety of tarts, waffles, cookies, pastries and viennoiseries are available to tempt you always!

So use your smartphone, do a quick search and know that there is always an option for organic and tasty!

Le Pain Quotidien
Le Pain QuotidienGazpacho
Le Pain Quotidien Pumpkin Pie
Le Pain QuotidienSeven Vegetables Quiche with buckwheat crust
Le Pain Quotidien Bakery10(above photo © illuminant Voyager)


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