Los Girasoles – Cartagena, Colombia


Los Girasoles

Reataurant – Healthfood Store
(57) 5 – 664 5239
(57) 5 – 660 2625
Calle de los Puntales No 37-01, San Diego
Cartagena,  Colombia

7:00 am – 6:30 pm   Everyday

Girasoles is a moderately priced vegetarian Restaurant and health food store.

Girasoles offers complete lunch specials, but you have to arrive early as they run out of  food starting about 1:30 PM.

It is also a good place to buy groceries, including free range eggs, whole wheat bread and the must delicious sesame seed horchata! If you bring an empty bottle,  they will fill it with the horchata, with or without sugar, and the same goes for the daily juice.


los-Girasoles-011Horchatas and carrot Juice


los-Girasoles-010Vegetarian Empanadas, whole wheat pizza and cakes



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  1. I’m wondering if your health food store carries goat and sheep yogurt, green juices and gluten free bread

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