Nopalito – San Francisco, CA

Nopalito-009Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CA
Tamal de Queso Estilo Corunda


(1) 415 – 437-0303
306 Broderick Street
(between Oak and Fell)
San Francisco, CA 94117

Daily 11:30 am – 10:00 pm

Nopalito, the smaller offshoot of Nopa, presents local and organic Mexican cuisine with authenticity.  There are plenty of vegetarian options and the meals are exquisitely tasty without being heavy and greasy.  The ultimate test is passed by the house hot sauce provided with each dish;  peppers are peeled then charred, giving a delicious and gentle smoky flavor.

The service was friendly and fairly attentive.  We loved the fact that they took our cell number so we could wander the neighborhood while we waited for our table.  This is so simple I’m amazed I come across it so rarely.  I poked my head into Nopa (about 2 blocks away) and it looked like the large upscale eatery that it is- next trip to San Francisco!

The dish that surprised us the most was the Sandia con Chile y Limón.  Which is slices of  sweet crimson watermelon, chile de arbol, chile guajillo and lime.  This is one of those combinations that I never would have thought of, but makes oh so much culinary sense.

The Tamal de Queso Estilo Corunda (Housemade masa, queso cotija, grazzini squash, poblanos, tomatoes, manzanos chiles and crema) was another soft delight.  The masa really contains a quality that speaks for dedication.

The dish that we ordered twice was the Quesadilla Azul de Hongos (Blue corn tortilla, mushrooms, corn, poblanos, jack cheese, queso fresco and salsa de molcajete).  The mushrooms were deep and flavorful – and this combined with the smoked hot sauce was stunning.

Mexican cooking is on the west coast is an entire step above that on the east.  We really enjoyed the variety and effort that was put into bringing this wonderfully diverse deliciousness to our plates.  Nopalito a true taste of contemporary culinary artistry!

Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CA
Corn Salad
Screen-shot-2009-09-29-at-12.28.57-AM-(2)(above photo © Nopalito)

Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CAQuesadilla Azul de Hongos
Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CA
Sandia con Chile y Limón
Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CAHazelnut Powder Cookies

Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CA

Nopalito  -  San Francisco, CA

(above photo
© Nopalito)

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