Noztalgia - Budapest, Hungary

Noztalgia – Budapest, Hungary

Noztalgia  -  Budapest, HungaryHollohaza Porcelain


Christal Shop
(36) 1 – 366 3512
Grand Market Hall
1093 Budapest, Vamhaz krt 1-3cK16/C
Budapest, Hungary

6:00 am – 5:00 pm   Monday
6:00 am – 6:00 pm   Tuesday – Friday

Glittering Glamor greets your eyes as you enter Noztalgia, a stall at the end of the second floor of the Grand Market Hall (just above the mushroom displays).

Inside you will find a vibrant selection of high quality Ajka Crystal, Hollohaza Porcelain and hand painted Kalocsa Porcelain. Out of the entire market, Noztalgia is the best value.  Beyond that, you will find special pieces, not easy to find at any price in similar stores.  A great place to get specialty-ware that you will not find at any Bed Bath & Boredom.

Central-Market- Noztalgia  -  Budapest, HungaryCrystal of Ajka
Central-Market- Noztalgia  -  Budapest, HungaryKalocsa Porcelain


7 thoughts on “Noztalgia – Budapest, Hungary

  1. Hi, I live in Browns Mills, NJ in the U.S. I love the black & white Hollohaza collection that you show. Are these for sale? If so, could you please let me know how much the collection is, or each piece & how much shipping & handling would be? I love your site. Thanks so much, Lola

    1. Hi Lola,

      Thank you for your comment. The contact information for the store is in our post. We are travel bloggers who also fell in love with their offerings!!


  2. Hola, soy María Cecilia, soy actriz trabajo en Colombia y en España, resido en Madrid y considero este Blog maravilloso y de un gusto exquisito. Muchas gracias por toda la info. Los seguiré con el fin de hacer mis propios viajes si se puede de vuestra mano. Un abrazo.

    1. Hola Maria Cecilia
      Nos da mucha felicidad que te guste el blog, estas semanas estamos un poquito llentos con los posts,pero ya en un par de semanas estaremos publicando mas

  3. Hello, I would like to buy some items of black and white collection, how can I do? Can you ship them to france thaks

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