Cha Cha Hana – Tokyo, Japan

chachahana4above photo © Cha Cha Hana

Cha Cha Hana

(81)  35.292.2933

Tokyo , Japan

Open Hours:
17:00 – 23:30    Daily

Hidden about 1/2 down the charming path behind the Golden Gai neighborhood sits Cha Cha Hana.  A charming restaurant that soon became our ‘local’ while staying in Shinjuku.

One of a series of restaurants across tokyo, sporting the same menu – a mix of thraditional , such as Yuba from Kyushu,  and modern japanese foods (like lovely shrubs).

It was the combination of cute, friendliness, price, location and menu that made Cha Cha Hana our go-to for a nice bite.

And of course, you feel a little special knowing about the secret entrance (that is only secret to tourists!)

chachahana3above photo © Cha Cha Hana

tokyo '08
abovephoto mochi © seventyoneplace
chachahana2above photo © Cha Cha Hana
chachahana1above photo © Cha Cha Hana

Golden Gai – Tokyo, Japan

Golden Gai 015

Shinjuku Golden Gai

35.6939° N, 139.7047° E,

Shinjuku, Tokyo , Japan

Tokyo’s Golden Gai is a Labyrinth of six narrow alleys hosting over 200 tiny bars;  some with a maximum capacity of six people!. There are a few private club/bars and most are open to public.  Do to their small size and to avoid bar-hoppers, most charge a small cover that includes  a little appetizer.  Our advice is don’t sweat the cover – you’re on vacation!

Bar Otokichi was our favorite,  a very friendly local crowd and the barman (who we think lives upstairs?)  kept up an amazing mix of rare, upbeat old jazz tracks….. and the shochu with matcha green tea is defenately worth the try!

Give yourselves an hour or two in Golden Gai before heading to the Robot Restaurant!

Golden Gai 009
Golden Gai 011
Golden Gai 020 Golden Gai 003
Bar Otokichi 003Bar Otokichi
Bar Otokichi 005  Bar Otokichi
Golden Gai 021
Golden Gai 019
Golden Gai 017

Robot Restaurant – Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant

(81)  33.200.5500
1-7-1 Kabukicho Shinjuku
Tokyo  920-0856, Japan

Open Hours:
18:00 – 23:00    Daily

If you are fan of over-the top Japan; then The Robot restaurant is a MUST!

“Restaurant” is a bit of a misnomer; more like “Sensory Overload Sensation that also serves beer and popcorn and sushi”

Going to let the visuals do the talking here, because no words can really do justice to this palace of pop.

Meet up at the Golden Gai bar neighborhood to get a little buzz; you’re nerves will thank you for a bit of haze!  There are 3 functions daily in the underground theater.  If you buy tickets online you get a bit of a deal. Also, arrive a bit early so you can enjoy the lounge

Go and enjoy!  The Robot restaurant is one of those things that make Japan, Japan!

Robot Restaurant 022
Robot Restaurant 001
robot-photo above © Robot Restaurant – Lounge
Robot Restaurant 002Entry
Robot Restaurant 004
   Robot Restaurant 034
Robot Restaurant 032
  robot  photo above © Robot Restaurant
DSC_8411photo above © Robot Restaurant
Inside+Robot+Cabaret+Robot+Restaurant+Tokyo+U6Lf0jzNIRelphoto above © Robot Restaurant – Bathroom
Robot Restaurant 005