Playa Koralia – Caribbean Nature Hotel, Colombia


Playa Koralia Hotel

(57) – 310 – 642 2574
(57) – 317 – 510 2289
Buritaca, Colombia

On the Caribbean coast of Colombia, 10 km north of the world famous Parque Tayrona, is Playa Koralia ~ a  very pretty and secluded hotel.




Playa Koralia offers the wide empty beaches that one dreams about over the long days looking out the window at an asphalted cityscape.  One can literaly walk to the water and look left and right up and down the beach and not see another sign of habitation.  Combine this with elegant bungalows, outdoor dining and beach-side bar and one has found the ultimate getaway.




I would recommend a longer stay – it is after 2-3 days when the peace of Koralia really begins to take hold.  You suddenly find what life is/was without deadlines, appointments, schedules and people telling you what to do.  You want to wake at 5, grab a lunch and go bird-watching? Koralia is there for you.  You want to dance till the wee-hours, sleep late and wake up to a lush breakfast? Koralia provides.  Lay on the beach reading, scour the mountains trekking, climb to high lagoons or surf – You can truly, finally do what you want to do without asking permission – be free and visit Playa Koralia – Colombia’s sundrenched gem!











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  1. Me gustaría saber que costo tiene reservar para cuatro personas en la semana de semana santa. Estamos en Bogotá. Gracias

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