Royal Botanic Garden – Edinburgh, UK

(above photo © Barney Chappelhall)

Royal Botanic Garden

(44) 0131 552 7171
Inverleith Row
Arboretum Place
Edinburgh , EH3 5LR,
United Kingdom

10:00am – 4:00pm  November to January
10:00am – 5:00pm  February
10:00am – 6:00pm  March to September
10:00am – 5:00pm  October
* Glasshouses close one hour earlier to garden closing time.


(above photo ©  Calotype46)

Two places recommended to visit in any area of the world are food Markets & the botanical gardens.  Interesting and culture specific, these locations offer windows into the locals hearts.

The Royal Botanic Garden at Edinburgh is a splendid example as it contains over 70 acres of garden arrangements, with a variety of differently themed areas and many wondrous displays and installations.. The famed Rock Garden, Chinese Hillside and the adjacent Fettes Collage are some if the very unique go-to places if you are in the area.  With spring coming soon, what a great chance to see first hand the rebirth of life.  We packed a picnic from Marks & Spencer and had a wonderful trip to the gardens!  Even if you live nearby,  find a good reason to go.  How about taking your Mother for mother’s day!

Be sure to visit the attached Benmore Botanic Garden, which provides a an entirely new range of unique settings and impressive plant life. It is a mountainside garden, most noted for its Sierra Redwood Avenue, a sort of grand entryway of towering redwoods. These trees are native only to California, and are some of the largest, most imposing, and longest living trees known to man, so their presence in this “Avenue” truly makes this garden a unique and impressive attraction.

(above photo ©  Calotype46)
(above photo © Joaquín Ossorio)
Carp 2(above photo Carp ©  Stephen Buchan )
(above photo © Emusing Emma)
Edinburgh Botanic Garden (above photo ©  Marco Tardiola )
(above photo © Roger Butterfield)
Fettes College sculpture(above photo Fettes College ©  Stephen Buchan )

(above photo © Alistair Robinson )
Equisetum myriochaetum (Equisitaceae) (above photo Equisetum Myriochaetum (Equisitaceae) ©  Stephen Buchan )
Queen Mother's Pavilion
(above photo Queen Mother’s Pavilion ©
Chris Malcolm)

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