Sighisoara’s Daily Market – Sighisoara, Romania


Dayly Market

Sighisoara Romania


Just off the Strada Libertatii – turn right out of the train station, walk to and cross the bridge over the river ,a  is a little further down on the left – you will find Sighisoara’s daily food market.

Villagers come by foot, car & horse drawn carriages to buy and sell produce, cheeses, meats, seasonal fruits, vegetables and scrumptious sweet and savory preserves!

Among the many highlights the jars of tomato juice  called ‘bulion’ which make a tasty base for pasta sauces.  Preserved cherries, peaches and other fruits are often on sale during the harvest months. If you don’t see any of the jars of fruit about, ask anyone for ‘compot’ and they will point you to a seller.

This market is an old-world experience in itself,  genuine and uninterrupted for centuries


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