Souen Organic Ramen – New York

Souen Ramen NY
Miso Ramen

Souen Organic Ramen

212 –  388  1155
326 E 6th Street
(bet 1st – 2nd Avenues)
New York, NY, 10003

12:00pm – 11:00pm Mon-Fri
12:00pm –  1:00am Sat- Sun

Since 1971 Souen has been the place in NYC  for macrobiotic food; with their main restaurants in Soho and 13th St. This latest Souen is the third of the chain and, thankfully, home to a completely different menu!  It focuses on different styles of Ramen (all organic) and Japanese comfort food.  Souen 6th St. has fast become a local staple and an easy choice for quality, quantity and taste!

There are still a few macrobiotic options and the food is definatley “healthy” tasting.   If you ware gluttoning for the deep pork of a traditional ramen, try Rai Rai Ken on 10th St.  If you are looking for dishes being both flavorful and light- with the brilliant upside that you can eat as much as you want without feeling overly full or heavy- Souen 6th St. is the place.

Souen Ramen NY
Goma  Tofu  with black sesame sauce
Souen Ramen NYBrussels Sprouts

The appetizers are quick and special.  Top tasties include the Yuba (tofu skin) marinated in kombu shiitake broth or the “Miso Yuba”  (Note: the Miso Yuba is not allways in the menu, but requestable).  The Seitan Dumplings are fulfilling and quite good, while the Kimpira – a marinated Burdock root is just crunchy happiness.  Another hidden gem is the boring sounding Maze Rice is actually a delicious side and goes very well with the Burdock Kimpira.  The House Salad is surprisingly bountiful and recommended for a bit of green in all the browns.

The specialty of Souen is being able to combine the different Ramen broths (Miso, Black Sesame, Shoyu, or Curry) with your choice of noodle( Soba, Udon, Wheat or Rice).  There is also a ramen salad and a wild seabass ramen,  and like at most Ramen places you can add toppings to your choice

There is a special Lunch menu set of a ramen pluss a side dish

The specials are usually fantastic- I’m hooked on the Brussels Sprouts!

Souen Ramen NY
Yuba (tofu skin) marinated in kombu shiitake broth
Souen Ramen NY
Miso Ramen
Souen Ramen NYJapanese Pumpkin with Adzuki beans
Souen Ramen NY
Pad Thai Soba
Souen Ramen NY
Souen Ramen NY
Souen Ramen NY

3 thoughts on “Souen Organic Ramen – New York

  1. The Pad Thai Soba – is not very Pad Thai like (except in form) – but it has a unique flavor. That earthy, healthy, grounding goodness that keeps drawing us back.

  2. Thanks for sharing. It’s so nice to see a reniedmr that we all should be looking inside for guidance. Yes, there are so many great inspirational and wise people out there, but so many of us forget that our bodies already know what they really need if we just learn to listen closely within takes practice, but it can be a very powerful source for personal growth and health. Thanks Gabby and Clean Plates!

  3. Unfortunately they changed the menu, the new menu is quite deceiving since it kept the same names, but the recipes are very different to the original ones that where perfect for many years.
    Pretty much every dish now is drowned in curry powder.

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