The Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas – Chard Somerset, UK

The Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas

The Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas

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The Cricket St Thomas manor house ( a hotel since 1999) was built in 1820 by Sir John Soane.  The grounds of the house were originally  designed by  legendary Landscape Architect Capability Brown.   Now these rolling gardens are home to a lovely 46-acre Wildlife Park.
During the 1980’s the facade of the house served as set  in the popular sitcom “To The Manor Morn“.

A lovely little find in the countryside, the Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas is home to many stunning animals set in the English green.  It has the feel of a private bestiary – which in a way it is.  It’s small scale lends an intimacy with the animals that is often missed at larger zoos.  For instance on a small path while walking very slowly, we came upon a family of marmosets.  These funny little primates were free roaming and immensely curious.  With patience, I was able to coax one onto my hand, arm and then shoulder! – though it all went askew when one of the many children in the park noticed 😉

Quite an enjoyable location for any animal or nature lover.

The Wildlife Park at Cricket St ThomasCheetah
The Wildlife Park at Cricket St ThomasBrazilian Tapir
The Wildlife Park at Cricket St ThomasCommon Marmoset
The Wildlife Park at Cricket St Thomas
St-Thomas-Wildlife-0(above photo) American flamingo by Antony Scott

Here one finds many different species, including:

Red-fronted lemur
White-fronted lemur
Black & white ruffed lemur
Red-bellied lemur

Colombian spider monkey
Amur leopard
Sulawesi crested macaque
Bush dog
Scimitar-horned oryx

Waldrapp ibis
Southern ground hornbill
Moluccan cockatoo
Lesser vasa parrot

Bali starling

St-Thomas-Wildlife-01 (above  left  photo) Ostrich by Andy & Becky
St-Thomas-Wildlife-059Cotton-Top Tamarin
St-Thomas-Wildlife-051Yellow Mongoose

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