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Reiyukai Shakaden Temple – Tokyo, Japan

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Reiyukai Shakaden Temple

(81)  35.563.2500
1-7-8 Azabudai Minato
Tokyo 06-0041, Japan


One can count the space age the black star temple of Reiyukai Shakaden Temple among the many places in Tokyo that seem straight out of a Science Fiction movie!

Completed in 1975, this red and black granite complex sheathed in electrochemically coloured black-steel shingles, is home to the Buddhist sect Reiyūkai (霊友会 Spiritual-Friendship).   Reiyūkai emerged as an offshoot of Buddhism in 1925 by Kakutarō Kubo and Kimi Kotani, focusing on ancestral worship without a priesthood.

The temple is open to explore and consists of: the Main Hall, the Plaza, the Kotani Hall, various conference rooms, a cafeteria, a child care room, and a nurse’s office.

In Japanese, “Shakaden” means the “House of Shakyamuni.” It is a place where anyone can seek to further practice the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha and the Lotus Sutra.

Interestingly, as Reiyūkai Buddhism has at its roots in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake, the temple houses a reservoir with 400 tonnes of drinking water for use in the event that Tokyo is struck by another major disaster.

Note: As this is an active Temple, no photo are allowed in the expansive interior.



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Reiyukai Shakaden Temple 012


İstanbul Üniversitesi – Istanbul, Turkey


İstanbul Üniversitesi

(90)  212 440 0000
Kaptanı Derya İbrahim Paşa Sokak
34116 Beyazıt, Istanbul, Turkey


Not far from the large bazaars on Beyazıt Square (built by Constantine the Great) is the beautiful main gate  to Istanbul university (built in 1864).  The gate is so striking, it graced the back of the  500 Turkish Lira banknote during the years of 1971-84.

Originally, established in 1453 under the Ottoman empire as “House of Multiple Sciences”  the campus was re-structured in 1925 into a modern university by the most non-other then  Atatürk!

If you want to visit the campus, it is beter to go before 5:00pm.

Istambul-University_006statue of Atatürk with the main building on background that used to be the headquarters of the Harbiye Nezareti (Ministry of War) during the Ottoman rulling

Istambul-University_005Beyazıt-Central Campus

Torre Arcos Bosques – Mexico City, Mexico

Foto prohibida: El Pantalón(above photo Arcos Torre 1 © Eneas De Troya )

Torre Arcos Bosques

Paseo de los Tamarindos nº 400 A
Colonia Palo Alto
Mexico DF, Mexico
Each city and culture creates its own architectural identity that both defines and reflects its heart.  Mexico DF, like the country, has a beautiful dynamism that reaches from their Mayan past, through the socialist art movement of the ’50’s, and looks forward into a technological future.  The Torre Arcos Bosques is formed from this ideology and portrays it through its grand design.

Known Commonly as “El Pantalon” (the pants) the the Torre Arcos Bosques complex was created by Architect Teodoro González de León.  Mr. González is the winner of numerous international architecture awards and worked in France with Le Corbusier.  He also designed the very cool looking   Museo Rufino Tamayo.

Made of granite, glass and reinforced concrete, this postmodern building measures 161.5 meters tall  and holds 32 floor – though in person it feels much larger.  Completed in 1996, El Pantalon was the first intelligent building in Latin America that was concepted as future-proof with its integrated technology.

If you visit, be sure to swing by the large mall at Colonia Santa Fe, one of the most posh areas in DF, and worth checking out for other unique architectural sites.

Torre_Arcos_Bosques_-001above photo Arcos Torre 1 & Torre 2
Torre_Arcos_Bosques_-005above photo Arcos Torre  2
Torre_Arcos_Bosques_-010above photo Arcos Torre  2 Detail


Colonia-Santa-Fe-010 above photo Colonia Santa Fe