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Bazurto Social Club – Cartagena, Colombia



Bazurto Social Club

(57) 317 648 1183
(57) 315 655 4120
Calle Del Centenario,
Cra Novena N# 30 – 42 Getsemani
Cartagena,  Colombia


18:00  – 2:00    Thursday
18:00  – 4:00    Friday-Saturday

Bringing us back to Cartagena’s Carribean roots, the Bazurto Social Club, located in the old-city neighborhood of Getsemani, fills us with the sounds and tastes of the tropical world it inhabits.  Bazurto -named after it’s inspiration: the Basurto Market– is a cacophony of beauty and sound.  Original murals are splayed across the walls, while the live band kicks out local hit -anything from Reggae to Reggaton -and you are handed  a lovely fresh squeezed cocktail.  The cuisine is a an array of local recipies to remind you why the people are always so happy. – the later you arrive the more fun it is

As the sign over the door says – Welcome to Jet-Set Mani 🙂

basurto 2empanadas

Cafe Habana – Cartagena, Colombia

Salsa bar Cafe Havana in Cartagena's Getsemaniabove photo ©  Harri J

Restaurante Bar Cafe Habana

(57) 315 6902566
Calle Media Luna con Calle del Guerrero
Cartagena, Colombia



Located just outside the walled city in Getsemani (best to go and return by taxi). Cafe Habana is the best Salsa bar in Cartagena (or maybe anywhere?) .  Touched by amber lights, the walls covered in framed photos of legendary Salsa stars: Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, … Cuban rum flows while salsa bands swings and the crowd is pulled along for the ride.
A real mixed crowd of locals and tourists (unlike the majority of Cartagena night spots), Cafe Habana is a must if you want to have an authentic night out.  So be ready for the crowds  on weekends as it is pulling clientele from all over the city.

Although you don’t go there for the food, there is a simple menu that can soften a bit of the the rum you will keep drinking, especialy in this city where every kitchen is closed by 10 pm 🙂


havana-3above photo © Cafe Havana
havana-9above photo © Cafe Havana
havana-5above photo © Cafe Havana

Juan Valdez Café – Cartagena, Colombia


Juan Valdez Cafe

+(57) 5 664 2500
Plaza De la Universidad
Calle San Agustin Con Calle De La Universidad
Esquina 6-15
Cartagena, Colombia


8:00am-10:00pm every day


The best coffee in Cartagena also opened every day (rare)  located at a small square in the old city across from the Universidad of Cartagena.

The shop has Wireless Internet Service all you need to do is buy a coffee or a pastry and ask the cashier for the code, this will give you about 30 minutes connection service so just buy another coffee and you will get more minutes.

The pastries are OK, but if you are into sweetening your palate, order a gelato from the adjacent ice cream shop. On the second floor is a pizza parlour, not bad (though it’s no Pizza al Parque); order personal pizzas at the Ice Cream Counter

Juan Valdez is also a great place to buy souvenirs and beautiful Colombian coffee to prepare at home!


Juan-Valdez-005    .
Juan-Valdez-009    .