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Matsuri – New York

Matsuri  -  New York


212 –  243  6400
369 West 16th Street
(bet 9th & 8th Avenues)
New York, NY, 10011


Unfortunately closed now 2013

The word Matsuri means festival in Japanese

At the Maritime  Hotel

Chef Tadashi Ono’s wonderful Matsuri transports you directly into the Edo period-  giant paper lanterns  vaulted ceiling, dark wood floors,  jade-green ceramic tiles all create an ambiance to rival a movie set.  Born in Tokyo,  Chef Ono started his career at age 16, and then moved to Los Angeles to train at La Petite Chaya and L’Orangerie.  He then moved east to NY heading up the kitchens at La Caravelle Restaurant; nine years later he opened Sono on 57th Street and now we are so lucky since 2003 to have Matsuri.  Where, in the lushest of environments, Chef Ono presents authentic Japanese comfort food.  Flying in organic grains daily from Japan and offering more than 200 kinds of sake.

Special items for us include:

  • Kinpira – Sauteed and Simmered Burdock
  • Goma-ae  Spinach
  • Hijiki salad  in soy and sake
  • Kampach  sashimi with yuzu and green pepper sauce
  • the shishinto peppers in dashi
  • Mushrooms baked in parchment paper contain all their juices and flavour (ordered everytime)
  • Nasu Shigiyaki  –  Japanese eggplant grilled with miso sauce   so sweet and delicious
  • Black Cod marinated in sake paste and then grilled so perfect each bite falls effortlessly
  • 18 grain rice
  • Lotus roots, the perfect snack with a fresh Aldentéd sake crunch
  • The sushi and the sashimi are very fresh and clean
  • on the sweet side, the warm chocolate cake melts with every bite

Keep an eye out for Chef Ono’s new book:  Japanese Hot Pots; where he directs you to the creation of hot pot meals.  Recipies from the book will be featured in the restaurant’s menu as of late September 2009.

Matsuri  -  New YorkEdamame
Matsuri  -  New YorkBar

Matsuri  -  New York

Matsuri  -  New YorkKampachi  sashimi with yuzu and green pepper sauce
Matsuri  -  New York
Lotus Roots
Matsuri  -  New York
Kinpira (sauté and simmer Burdock)
Matsuri  -  New York
Uni and Fatty Tuna Sushi
Matsuri  -  New YorkMushrooms baked in parchment paper
Matsuri  -  New YorkGoma-ae  Spinach

Matsuri  -  New York

Matsuri  -  New York
Main Dining Room

Matsuri  -  New York

Matsuri  -  New York

Király Baths – Budapest, Hungary


Király Baths

Spa & bath House
(36) 1 – 202 3688
I. Fö u. 84, Budapest
Budapest, Hungary


9:00am – 9:00pm   Monday, Wednesday, Friday
6:30am – 7:00pm   Tuestays & Thursdays
6:30am – 1:00pm   Saturday
there are different days for men and women

Built in 1563 by the The Pasha of Buda during the Ottoman occupation

As you settle into the main pool and tilt your head back, you gaze up at the octagonal domed roof  and the tiny circular windows that filter gentle rays of sunlight onto the stone and water.   If you ever saw the original 3d modeled video game MYST, you can imagine the lighting gives and its magical atmosphere.

The main pool is surrounded by smaller baths, each with different water temperatures.  The divine thermal water is piped directly from the Lukács Baths.  This is a truly relaxing bathhouse – with no crowds or stress.  400+ years of stress washed away.


Transportation – Budapest, Hungary

keleti(above photo Ian Brewer ) Keleti Train Station

Budapest, Hungary


Getting around Budapest is a joy in itself.  The old world decor fuzes alongside sci-fi inspired stations to create a mix of atmospheres perfect for a time-travel film!  The subway is simple yet efficient, with each station having a feel of its own.

The main Keleti Train Station is another in a great tradition of grand stations along the European Rail lines; and a wonderful way to enter the city.

Metro-007(above photos) Budapest Metro Stations