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Daigoji – Kyoto, Japan

daigo-ji-033Bentendo Hall


(81)  75.571.0002

Open Hours to non guests:
9:00-16:00    Daily

Daigoji  is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Fushimi-ku, Kyoto.  In a city over-flowing with such sites, it might be a thought to skip Daigoji as it is a bit distant from the usual tourist areas.  Daigoji is truly worth the trip.  It holds one of the most beautiful gardens in all Kyoto; The perfect place to contemplate the colors of fall and the blooms of spring.

The temple complex was founded in 874.  After Emperor Daigo abdicated in 930, he entered the Buddhist priesthood at this temple and died here.  He was also buried on the temple grounds and it now bears his name.

The Daigoji complex holds eighteen national treasures and is laid out in three parts: Sambō-in, Shimo-Daigo (Lower Daigo) at the base of the mountain, and Kami-Daigo (Upper Daigo).

daigo-ji-024statues of Myo-o (Vidyaraja)
daigo-ji-010The Five-story Pagoda detail- Goju-No-To
  daigo-ji-039Bentendo Hall

Bentendo Hall is dedicated to Benzaiten (Sarasvati), the goddess of knowledge and liberal arts.  She is known as one of Seven Deities of Good Fortune (Shichifukujin).

daigo-ji-052  daigo-ji-017Fudodo, Goma-dojo
daigo-ji-020Fudodo, Goma-dojo
daigo-ji-012The Five-story Pagoda – Goju-No-To
daigo-ji-008The Five-story Pagoda – Goju-No-To (about 38 meters tall)
daigo-ji-048Denpoin Daikodo
daigo-ji-056Karamon Sanboin gate