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Miramar – Girona, Spain

Miramar_Girona_011Anchovies Nardin with tomatoes, piparras (traditional long green pepper from the Basque Country ) and onion petals


(34) 97 – 238 0132
Passeig Marítim 7
17490 Llançà, Girona, Spain


Open Hours:
13:30 – 15:30    Lunch  – Tuesday to Sunday
20:30 – 22:30    Diner  – Tuesday to Saturday

In the Costa Brava municipality of Llançà,  a about an hour away from Barcelona and very close to the french frontier, on the promenade across from the marina, is Paco Perez’s two Michelin star restaurant -Miramar.

Instant happiness, when the brought out the amuse bouche: A collection of fragile, crunchy delights.  Followed by breads so flaky and decadent, it was difficult not to over indulge.

Elegance emanates from the dining room overlooking the sea.  In contrast to the stark whites and the long ocean; the plating is strongly influenced by the Catalan surrealistic artist artists from Joan Miró to Luis Buñuel and the poetry of Federico Garcia Lorca.  

At the time of out visit, the restaurant was celebrating its 75th anniversary with an extension to the menu.  The were bringing back a selection of old favorites like the Millenial egg, black trumpet parmentier (mashed baked potatoe) angulas (glass eels).  Our favorite was from rebirth from the turn of the millennium, the oyster tartar with caviar and apple foam.  The other stand out was  tuna carpaccio with sea urchin, quail egg yolk and citrus.  One must note to stand out at Miramar, is quite an achievement!

The dining experience is everything one would expect from a 2 star seaside institution; the service was kind, attentive and patient – the only thing we would have asked was for a bag of bread to go (it was sooooo good!)


Miramar_Girona_006amuse bouche
Miramar_Girona_008amuse bouche
Miramar_Girona_010anchovies Nardin with tomatoes, piparras (traditional long green pepper from the Basque Country ) and onion petals
Miramar_Girona_021  tuna carpaccio with sea urchin, quail egg yolk and citrus
Miramar_Girona_013oyster tartar with caviar and apple foam
Miramar_Girona_022Pulpitos (baby octopus) a la Gallega with Calçots and tender fava beans
Miramar_Girona_028 Crème Brûlée with spherificated fruits and flowers
Miramar_Girona_031sugar covered ice creams
Miramar_Girona_029a deconstructed version of apple “tarte Tatin” with ice cream

Karadeniz – Istanbul, Turkey


Karadeniz Restaurant

(90)  212 258-6290
Başka Şubemiz Yoktur
Istanbul, Turkey

12:00pm  7:00 pm – daily

After visiting the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, we walked around the corner to a very touristic arcade bereft of the food options we’d come to expect as our due in Istanbul! The market was a small passage full of shops selling higher quality handcrafts (for the most part), at very high prices with only a few places worth.  We were going to write off the whole market when ….

Towards the end of the passage we came upon a group of men eating some exceptionally yummy looking food, and us being quite hungry at the time, started staring and wondering where did they get their delectable dishes!  Not a minute passed when the men, with true Turkish hospitality, asked if we wanted to try it!  Of course we did 🙂  After a single scrumptious sample, we got the convoluted directions and after a short walk (and couple of wrong turns) we ended in a closed alley with a few local cafeterias, of which  our destination – Karadeniz – was one.  Oh how lucky we can sometimes be 🙂

We ordered the kiremitte kebap, a lovely stew of tomatoes, herbs an eggplant;  – that dish what we had sampled from the men in the arcade.  The Çoban Chopped Salad and a Pide Turkish pizza.

If you are in the area, and wish to eat like locals, then a side bar at Karadeniz is a must.

Karadeniz_005kiremitte kebap
Karadeniz_002Çorba, a red lentil soup with lemon
Karadeniz_004Çoban Chopped Salad



Alma – Cartagena, Colombia

Alma_CTG_003trio of ceviches (octopus and shrimp, tilapia Peruvian style and tilapia with rocotto)


(57) 5 681 0050
Calle de la Universidad, # 36-94
Cartagena, Colombia


Located in Hotel Casa Sana Agustin, a beautiful colonial house turned hotel, on one of the prettiest street corners in the old city; Alma’s speaks to the true colonial past of this wonderful city.

The menu shares many favorite Peruvian classics, with a mild influence of Colombian & Asian cuisines.  Peruvian cuisine is quite in vogue throughout Colombia, thankfully.

The restaurant is open pretty much all the time, features courtyard dining and a lovely bar that opens during the evenings.  Add in excellent service, cool AirCon and good wifi speed, and Alma quickly becomes the place to hide during the heat of the day.  A great place  to have a good coffee, bite of lunch and get some work  done while visiting Cartagena.


Alma_CTG_006Aji Miso marinated Chilean sea bass, grilled sweet chili shrimp, seaweed, and coconut miso sauce
 Alma_CTG_004Salmon tiradito with pink peppercorns, scallions, sea salt and Spanish olive oil
Asian tuna tar-tar tossed with ginger, onions and soy sauce served with avocado mash, papaya mole and yucca chips