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Lock Cha Tea House – Hong Kong

index_house_3above photo © Lock Cha Tea House

Lock Cha Tea House

(852)  2.801.7177
The K.S. Lo Gallery, Hong Kong Parka
Admiralty, HK


Open Hours:
10:00 – 20:00    Daily

In the middle of the city, on the edge of the Hong Kong Park, nested inside the Tea Museum sits one of the most accessible, and easily missed, restaurants we found in Hong Kong.  We gave it the brush off as a tourist spot several times before a friend invited us and we discovered what we had been un-imaginatively ignoring!

Offering vegetarian dim sum for lunch and dinner you can order freely from the menu without worrying about a pool of grease or wondering what animal part is going to be snuck in – great for selective eaters like ourselves.   Service is very curt and reservations are a must, but overall our favorite food in Hong Kong.

Lok Cha Tea House 00above photo © Lock Cha Tea House
index_houseabove photo © Lock Cha Tea House

Hazel & Hershey – Hong Kong

Hazel & Hershey 004Piccolo and Flat White

Hazel & Hershey

(852)  3.106.0760
Shop 3, 69 Peel Street
Central, Hong Kong


Open Hours:
10:00 – 19:00    Daily

Hazel and Hershey is one of those places that we wanted to love … it’s small, has a cute side patio, nice places to sit, decent enough service, WIFI, magazines …. in short everything you want in a coffee shop.  And besides coffee, they sell all sort of coffee related paraphernalia – and I mean all sorts!  So it is obvious they are way into coffee.  And I think that may be the issue;  In ‘trying so hard’, they lose some of the ease and joy that is actually drinking the coffee; no matter how much energy you put in the making of it.

I mean – if you are staying close, then it is the best brew in the short radius; however we found ourselves trekking the extra 15 min walk to get to Fuel for a better cup; albeit in a more corporate atmosphere.

Definitely stay away from americanos –  as we found out  is the case in most of Hong Kong’s coffee shops, they are not great.  Instead we would suggest the Flat White or the excellent Piccolos.

If you are looking to make a hobby of it; Hazel & Hershey offers barista and aficionado classes.

Hazel & Hershey 003

Hazel & Hershey 006

Stockton – Hong Kong

7Above Photo © Stockton


(852)  2.565.5268
32 Wyndham St
Central, Hong Kong


Open Hours:
18:00 – 2:00    Tuesday – Sunday
14Above Photo © Stockton
 9Above Photo © Stockton
Honey Badger – the spirit of an animal who simply does not give a toss!
A delicious whisky based cocktail, mixed with Rosemary Infused Buffalo Trace, Lemon, Ginger Syrup, Yellow Chartreuse, Honey and Lemon bitters.
6Above Photo © Stockton
3Above Photo © Stockton
2Above Photo © Stockton
11 Above Photo © Stockton
Fried Artichokes with Spring Onion and Mint Aioli.
  10Above Photo © Stockton
12Above Photo © Stockton
Our new Salmon Rillette with chives, pink pepper and trout roe on Rye Crackers