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Aydinli Cave House – Göreme, Turkey


Aydinli Cave House Hotel

90-384-271 2263
Aydinli Sokak No 12 Göreme
50180 Nevsehir, Turkey


Aydinli Cave Hotel is a small, family-run hotel  with Mustafa Demirci being the head of the family and his super charming son Cem

charming rooftop terracewith a panoramic view of Goreme

If there were a 6th Star for service, I would gladly award it to the Aydinli Cave House Hotel!

All businesses start from the top down -> and here we are starting with a home that has been occupied by the same family for over 500 years! Generations of love fill the Aydinli Cave Hotel with their joy and passion and you can feel it reverberating from the walls and the family that receives you.

From the father, Mr. Mustafa Demirci, and his son Çem (pronounced Chem) you learn the warmth of the beautiful town of Göreme. To visit the place is to meet it’s people. And there is no better window into this world then from them.

The town you know already is the most beautiful of those in Cappadocia – and having travelled around, we believe the smart move is to stay in Göreme. The experience you have there will depend on with whom and where you stay. It is for this reason I recommend the Aydinli Cave House Hotel.

Çem was always looking out for us and making sure we were headed in the right direction, while Mustafa took an day to show us around some special places and to pick lovely Rocket from his own garden!





Aydinli-Cave-Hotel_011  Aydinli-Cave-Hotel_016



Les Cols Pavellons – Olot, Spain


Les Cols Pavellons

(34) 69 – 981 3817
Avinguda de les Cols, 2
17800 Olot, Girona, Spain


About an hour and a half north of Barcelona is the Garrotxa, an area full of small volcanoes, nature reserves, and picturesque little towns.  One of these is Olot, and nestled towards the back of a 13th century farm house is the anachronistic Le Cols Pavellons hotel.

This science-fiction like hotel was designed by RCR Architects;  Who are also responsible for the superb restaurant next door, the two Michelin star “Les Cols

In the Pavellons, all rooms are built out of glass; floating over petrified lava.  The ceiling is metal and glass, and the rooms are separated from each other by front and back zen gardens.  Each is isolated in vision and sound – and it is hard  imagine where you are in the world whilst inside your private world.

Miquel-Guifreabove photo ©  Miquel Guifré

As noted, the rooms, or pavellons, are very private being made out of several layers of opaque / translucent green glasses. Blackout shades, the same color tone as the glass, are remote-controlled via a minimalist panel that also controls ambient lighting.

The bathroom has a a floor level plunge tub that fills with soothing volcanic thermal spring water.  The amenities are likewise enjoyable – including the lovely, and very warm, slippers.

Breakfast is planed a day ahead and is left outside your door.  A tray of bread, orange juice,  yogurt, fruits, hard boiled eggs, honey and preserves, butter and tomatoes along with thermoses filled with hot coffee and cold milk.  This is such a lovely way to start the day; my words are just failing to describe the happiness this breakfast brings.

At checkout time, we were given a picnic bag with bread, olive oil, sausage, a round of cheese, salad, mineral water and a lovely bottle of wine.  A loving touch was a collection of postcards depicting watercolors of local attractions – and on the backs were hand drawn road maps of how to get to each one.  We took up the conceit and enjoyed a lovely day of site seeing and picnics!

The Pavellons at Les Cols is not the hotel for everyone;  we recommend reading other reviews before booking.   For us it was a dream location, painful to leave and first in our hearts to return!



Les_colsabove photo © Les Cols Pavellons

Barceló Raval Hotel – Barcelona, Spain

lobby-hotel-barcelo-raval-6-121-50288above photo © Barceló Raval

Barceló Raval Hotel

(34) 93 – 320 1490
Rambla del Raval, 17-21
Raval   District
08001 Barcelona, Spain



CmvArchitectsabove photo ©  CMV Architects


When we first booked our hotels for our Barcelona trip, we decided to stay in a different area of town due to the proximity of the tourist circus , a previous bad experience at a Barcelo hotel in Turkey and the bad reputation of the Raval district.  However, we decided to stay there  for a couple of nights after our Garrotxa excursion (lovely!).

To our surprise Raval was the most enjoyable and energetic area for us in Barcelona,  it felt more happening, and having libraries, schools and the CCCB (Barcelona Center for Contemporary Culture) a couple of blocks from the hotel certainly helped. Located about three blocks away from the main Ramblas ultra touristic area, the Hotel itself is comfortable and the rooms compact and practical.  While the service was average, the overall package proved a good value in terms of location, design and ease.

A friend looking for a nice, yet not over the top expensive hotel, stayed for a week in April 2015 and found it about the same as we did.  A ‘Blog-Worthy’ home base in a wonderful part of the world!

room-deluxe-97-hotel-barcelo-raval21-50293above photo © Barceló Raval
room-superior-hotel-barcelo-raval-521-29965above photo © Barceló Raval
junior-suite-9-bathroom-hotel-barcelo-raval21-65793above photo © Barceló Raval
room-barcelo-9-hotel-raval21-82169above photo © Barceló Raval
junior-suite-room-9-hotel-barcelo-raval21-50281above photo © Barceló Raval
lobby-5-hotel-barcelo-raval21-67504 above photo © Barceló Raval
   restaurant-3-hotel-barcelo-raval21-67374above photo © Barceló Raval
bar-hotel-barcelo-raval21-1827above photo © Barceló Raval

lobby-2-hotel-barcelo-raval21-50284above photo © Barceló Raval