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Glencot House – Wookey Hole, Somerset, England

Glencot-House-04(above photo © Glencot House)

Glencot House

Hotel and Restaurant
(44)  (0) 174 967 7160
Glencot Lane, Wookey Hole
Wells, Somerset, BA5  1BH  UK


Unfortunately closed on 2010 now it is a private home

While touring the West Country, we stopped by the lovely town of Wells in Somerset.  There we experienced this enchanting cornucopia of a hotel.  In one truly enchanting day, we explored its myriad of rooms, miles of books, plethora of antiques- and then there are the grounds.

Built in the Jacobean style by architects Ernest George and Harold Peto in the late eighteen hundreds after the original burned down, The house has changed ownership many times as a residence, until  the nineteen seventies, when it became a school.  Then, shortly before the eighties,  it reverted to a residence again and  in its latest incarnation, it became a hotel.   In 2006 Martin Miller, the founder of Miller’sAntiques Guides and Miller’s Gin, acquired the property and renovated it into a wonderful cabinet of curiosities!

Glencot House 000
Glencot House 007
Glencot House 046
Glencot House 044
Glencot House 025

Glencot House 013
Glencot House 024

The lovely gardens are home to sculpted vignettes scripted from storybook.  They are crossed by the river Axe, which glides through the property enhancing the magic.

There is a constant stream of events throughout the year- including writers retreats  and culinary weekends.

Glencot-House-00(above Left photo © Glencot House)


The rooms  are quite comfortable and luxurious.  Each is themed to a whim of Miller’s and features an array of antiquities to keep the eye roaming the walls, continually discovering new nooks and treasures.  Our room was a exotic combination of black walls and flowered drapery.  A window overlooked the green below.

A full service restaurant prepares strong English fare with grace and style.  The dining rooms are well proportioned and the staff quite amicable (as they are hotel-wide).

For us Glencot House is the reason we travel and what a hotel is meant to be.  To step out of the every day, to leave the known world behind- and enter into the imagination.

  Glencot House 035
Glencot House 032
Glencot House 038
Glencot House 037
Drawing-Room copy
       Glencot House 009  Glencot House 003
Glencot House 016

Hotel Sochagota – Paipa, Colombia

socha-001Sochagota Lake as seen from room

Hotel Sochagota

57 (1) 623 4992
57 (8) 785 0011
Km 2 via  Las Pisinas
Paipa, Boyaca , Colombia


The Hotel Sochagota in Paipa, Boyoca (just 2.5 hours outside of Bogota), is a piece of 70’s architecture that feels lifted from one of the Sean Connery era Bond films.  It’s long, low ceilinged structure cries out for a renovation (and super villains), but you don’t come to Paipa for the architecture – You come for the stunning landscape and the healing mineral thermal waters.

The Hotel Sochagota is situated on the edge of the Sochagota lake.  A large, conspicuously round body of water surrounded by rolling green hills dotted with trees.  The department of Boyaca can be quite deceiving at times- often times tricking your mind that you are in the Swiss Alps, when in fact you are still in Colombia!




The Hotel offers a Standard Room which hasa balcony with lake and garden views.  Or, as we recommend, you can opt for a private cabin which has 2 sleeping rooms, terrace, fire place (as for wood at the front desk) and, most importantly, a private thermal bath! This is quite convenient as the main pool closes early, and … it’s private 🙂

The key to Paipa is the water.  It is heated by deep underground volcanic vents which infuse it with minerals.  This makes for a highly rejuvenating bath that soothes away pain and ache.  Being devotees of bath culture from Budapest to Japan, we say that Paipa offers some of the best water to be found.  We highly recommend the private cabin and a day and night of solid soaking!

foto0004Hotel Sochagota natural hot thermal water pool

Hotel Sochagota can organize a horse back riding tour of the surrounding area; or you can relax at the spa treatments or take a lovely walk in the forest.  We didn’t look into it, but we saw people sailing, water and jet-skiing, etc on the lake and I’m sure you could do any of those.

The menu, like the architecture,  is also stuck in the 70s; only eat at the hotel in a pinch.  There are a bunch of local restaurants on the road to town.  We frequented the little roadside gem, Frutilandia! They saved us from our hunger with addicting Almohabanas (a pastry typical from the region); Changua (milk soup with poached eggs cilantro cheese and scallions- see photo below) and Cuajada, a soft white cheese similar in flavour to cottage cheese and usually served with caramel on top (you can order it plain and it is very good with olive oil and salt).


Socha-000(above photo ©Matthew Shewfelt) Sochagota Lake


(above left photo ©Patton) “Monument to “Los Lanceros”, created by Rodrigo Arenas Betancur conmemorating the Pantano de Vargas Battle in July 25th 1819, which was decicive for Colombia’s Independence.  You can visit this monument on the road to the hotel

socha(above photo ©Amelia Mendez) Changua – Traditional Colombian Milk Soup




foto0014Hotel Sochagota view from the room’s terrace

Ganem Loft – Cartagena, Colombia


Hotel Playa Koralia – Cartagena Loft

(57) – 310 – 642 2574
(57) – 317 – 510 2289
Cartagena, Colombia


The Playa Koralia Resort now has a very special Loft for rent in the old city of Cartagena.  The high-design space is an oasis from the mid day heat and a wonderful way to escape the bustle of the streets.  Ocean views, hot-water bath and equipped with a full kitchen, washing machine and maid service; your private hide-away awaits.