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Casa Wagner – Sighisoara, Romania

Casa Wagner

026 550 6014
Piata Cetatii 7, Citadel
Sighisoara Romania


When you are lucky enough to find yourself located on the center square of the UNESCO World Heritage citadel of Sighisoara, and you direct your gaze at the myridad of gothic buildings; your eyes will fall upon the very charming and comfortable Casa Wagner.

Do try to get a deluxe or double room; as they have wonderful details like wrought-iron candle holders, looming armoires, chests that have held warm blankets for 100’s of years and antique benches polished smooth by countless seatings.  On top of the lovely interiors, these rooms also have the prettiest views to the main square.  The other quarters, while clean and comfortable, are rather common.

There is a back terrace to contemplate and downstairs a restaurant that is only open during high season (spring-summer)

Sighisoara Hotel 000


Sighisoara Hotel 001


Sighisoara Hotel 002

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