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Glastonbury Tor – Somerset, England

Glastonbury-003path to the Glastonbury Tor

Glastonbury Tor

Somerset, England


Just hearing the name- Glastonbury- brings images to mind: Arthurian England and Avalon, magical druids, hordes of young people covered in mud listening to music.  In life, Glastonbury Tor truly is a magical place.  There is a reason that all these iconographic legends are attached to it.  When we caught our first glimpse of the Tor; we were struck by its perfection.  It appears as a hallucination, something too wonderfully perfect to be real.

As we climbed toward the tower on top of Holly Hill,  I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of feet that have trod the same path over thousands of years.  Arthur trod here; for as long as man has been in England, he has walked these paths.  Saxon kings, Roman centurions, me.

The famous little town (10,,000 people) of Glastonbury is a bit hippie touristic these days.  What we did, and highly recommend, is to stop in and grab a picnic from the many organic food vendors who line the streets.  Definitely walk! Walk to the top of the High Street, make a right behind the abbey (duck in the back gate for a cute little garden and follow the signs up the back path towards the Tor.

We went totally hippie and brought divining rods (thanks Zoe!)- and I tell you they work!  It was amazing to watch them cross as we transgressed the ley lines and power spots.  One thing I found quite interesting, though in retrospect quite obvious, is that wherever I found a trampled oval from a resting sheep- I would invariably find a power spot where my rods would cross as fast as if someone grabbed them while in my hands!  If you didn’t bring a pair, grab one in any of the shops and head out to do some magic yourself – your in Avalon!


Philanthia – Budapest, Hungary



Flower and Gift Store
(36) 1 – 266 1156
051 BudapestVáci utca 9, District 5
Budapest, Hungary


10:00 am – 7:00 pm   Everyday

Dating from 1905, Philanthia, which translates as the love of flowers, is a more then just a floral store; it is a window into the land of the ferries.  Decorated with original Art Nouevau murals and carved moldings, Philanthia seems pulled directly out of a fantasy tale.  Just peer into the small  iron gazebo in the center where all the fresh flowers are displayed,



Philanthia represents a long tradition in travel.  It is why you go to visit other cities and cultures in the first place.  We do not travel to Europe to shop at Benetton or any of the other factory outlets that dot our world now.  We search out the unique, the keen, the thoughts on life that emerge from years and years of natural contemplation.  We travel for places like Philanthia!

Be sure to look in the back room,  where you will find  hyper-realistic silk flowers,  gardening accesories, candles and vases in all sizes, shapes and colours.  All over  the shop, you will discover fairies.  Spirits hidden in flowers , sprites sitting on shelves, pixies camouflaged on a mirror frame……. keep your wits about you – or you may lost beyond the mists in this true wonderland..