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Piedra De Agua – Merida, Mexico

Piedra De Agua Hotel

(52) 01 999 924 2300
Calle 60 N° 498
(Between 59 y 61)
Merida Centro CP 97000, Mexico


The Piedre de Agua Hotel in Merida has cute little rooms with the tiniest bathrooms ever!  If you find yourself in Merida and need a well priced, central located and comfortable bed look no further.  The staff was kind and helpful, as they are pretty much every where in Mexico.  The Piedre de Agua is conveniently located a half block from the main square and is surrounded by colonial churches and is an easy walk to the hand crafts market.

There is courtyard dining area, as well as a lovely back patio with swimming pool and bar.  Most importantly Piedre de Agua is around the corner from Las Quekas!

Piedra de Agua Courtyard, Merida, Mexico

Las Quekas – Merida, Mexico

Las Quekas

Calle 61 between Calles 58 and 60
across from the Cathedral
Merida, Mexico

10:00 am – 8:00pm Daily

The beauty of Mexican dining is that everyone seems to just do it right.  Taking the time and effort to combine the ingredients in perfect order and letting them combine as long as needed.  This patience is something declining in today’s immediacy.

While in Mexico, we dined in some of the finest restaurants in the world (Biko, Pujol) and ate blue-corn tortillas made by hand in the street.  Somewhere in between these two lies Las Quekas, who, just like everyone else, takes the time to do it right.

While we were walking through downtown Merida looking for a calling, just across from the cathedral, we stumbled onto an unassuming little place decked out in orange and yellow.  It was such an unwavering duo-tone that the instant thought is “franchise”.  As we watched a steady crowd brought us in for a closer inspection.  Once in nasal proximity, the fresh smells of steaming huitlacoche and melting cheese got us through the door and into a lasting relationship.

With other 5 locations throughout the city of Merida, Las Quekas is a sort of franchise.  One that offers exactly what you want at times; Practically instant quesadillas that feel more like a guilty dessert then the hearty meal they are.  We were in Merida for only 2 days, but at 5 different occasions we found ourselves lifting the mouth-wateringly good quesadillas to our lips.  Crispy tortillas with steaming fillings of Rajas Poblano (strips of poblano peppers with onions in a creamy sauce), huitlacoche and corn, zucchini blossom, and of course the requisite meats stewed chicken or shredded sausage.  Each combined with the beautiful soft white cheese that melts in a smoldering bliss.

At a little less then $1 each Las Quekas’s Quesadillas are just about the perfect meal,  Healthy, Hearty and Happy.