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Yunhong Chopsticks – New York, NY


Yunhong Chopsticks

(1) 212 566 8828
50 Mott Street
New York, NY 10013


10:30 am – 9:00pm  Daily

In the Heart of New York City’s China Town, one might not be surprised to find a Chopstick’s boutique. This is for good reason, as Yunhong Chopsticks is filled with over 200 different styles of the ancient utensil. Yunhong Chopsticks is a well known Chinese franchise, and this is the first outlet in the US.

The chopsticks are crafted from materials as wide spread as ebony, silver, bamboo, ox horn,  Stainless steel, bone, mahogany, mother of pearl, and even plastic! The very special chopsticks can be purchase as single pairs, while others come in special gift boxes.  There are many lines that include special editions such as hand-painted representations of the Chinese calendar or inscribed with Chinese poetry.  Of course the boutique also carries small bowls and chopsticks stands.

If you are in the neighborhood, Yunhong makes a great quick stop to marvel at the myriad of colors, styles and designs available.












Pulinos NY

Pulino’s Restaurant – New York, NY


(1) 212 226 1966
282 Bowery (at the corner of Houston)
New York, NY. 10012


Unfortunately closed on 2014

Perhaps it is because of Pulino’s Italian theme, in contrast to the French of it’s NYC sisters – Balthazar, Pastis, Schiller’s – that we were pleasantly surprised by the cordial welcome, relaxed atmosphere and the general level of politeness received.  Such a nice exchange from the snobby service we had experienced over the years from its siblings.

After passing by for longer then we should have, avoiding Pulino’s as one does a member of an obnoxious family, one random day we finally entered; lured inside by the amber glow, tinkling of cutlery and boisterous laughter spilling out into the street.  As we made our our way to the bar through the bustling scene, under the infused light projected through various liquor bottles lining the walls and a warm fluorescent ceiling sequence of hanging lamps that extends all the way into the restrooms, clips of restaruants in movies played through the mind.  Here one could imagine that they were in the film version of New York.

Our first experience had us enjyoing a strong, cold artisanal beer and a confidence inspiring glass of Montepulciano.  The Italian bartender was so nice we decided to come back the following evening for dinner.  Again we sat at the bar, as the table wait was a bit long, and to our fortune – there was May.  The incredibly charming bartender who happily advised us in the different food options,  sampled wines and joined in our enjoyment of life. This seduction brought us back again, and again.  We became such pure ‘fans’ that for a week last year I made an office for myself at the end of the bar – coming daily for 10am breakfast and coffee and staying through lunch. 🙂

Pulinos-(photo above ©  Meng He)

Besides the attentive. friendly service and excellent location; the food is just superb. The Eggplant Caviar is perfectly smoked and marinaded with a smooth olive oil and warm spices; accompanied by a paper thin Italian flat bread.  It is so delectable, I still think about it throughout the day.  The pizzas are light and not over seasoned, allowing each ingredient to be individually counted as part of the whole.  The Melon Salad with Bulgar and the Pumpkin salad with Morels were stand-outs; the morels being especially meaty and fresh.  Though these were followed with one of the lightest Eggplant Parmesan and the agonizingly delicious Burrata with oven roasted tomatoes and balsamic reduction that was described by May’s as “14 year old crack!”.  Yes it IS that good.

Pulino’s, in a quick one-two, punched its way directly towards the top of the list of favorite New York restaurants.  We are looking forward to our return this autumn  and are excited to see what is new on the menu.  Head to Pulino’s for excellent value – lunch special allows for a half-salad and personal-size pizza – cinematic atmosphere and top-notch fare on the northern edge of SoHo.

 (photo above ©  Lunch Studio)


MiN New York – NYC, NY


Apothecary & Atelier
(1) 212  206 6366
117 Crosby Street
(Btw Prince – Houston Streets)
New York, NY 10012


12:00m  – 6:00pm    Sunday & Monday
11:00am – 7:00pm    Tuesday – Saturday

In one of the more secret and quiet streets of Soho, there resides a lovely oasis of dark wood shelving, carefully populated with exotic scents from the world’s varied cultures. Some are well known, while others are obscure and seductive from seldom heard brand names like, Keiko Mecheri, Frapin, Amouage, Kilian, Cire Trudon. These are products that must be experienced to truly understand the capabilities of your fourth sense.

Min also carries a delightful selection of decorative objects, as well as the ancient cosmetic line Santa Maria Novella; who crafted numerous cosmetics for Catherine of Medici

Owner/curator Chad Murawczyk, has done a terrific job fishing the world for unique products from amber crystals from eastern Europe to artisan grapefruit bubble bath, specialized grooming tools and a few select fashion accessories .

An overall dark masculine atmosphere makes Min a place to escape the street bustle. Relax and spend time lounging on the plush chesterfields, while your nose is choosing the perfect gift.