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42°RAW @ Papaya Playa Project – Tulum, Mexico

2014 UPDATE:

42° Raw closed in 2013 & Papaya Playa Project has lost ALL its cool.

Avoid staying at Papaya Playa
It is now overpriced, under-whelming, dirty and haughty.

42°RAW @ Papaya Playa Project

(52) 984 127 2339
KM 4.5 Bocapaila Road
77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo ,Mexico


2014 UPDATE:
42° Raw closed in 2013 & Papaya Playa Project has lost ALL its cool.
Avoid staying at Papaya Playa – it is now overpriced, under-whelming, dirty and haughty.

Original Post from 6/30/2012


Next to the reception at the Papaya Playa Hotel, a member of Design Hotels™, is the super yummy 42°RAW.  This is a branch of the raw food bar started in London and Copenhagen by Jesper Rydahl.  What a great surprise it is to find modern raw cuisine right in Tulum!

The 42° Raw bar has a botanic selection of fresh juices, and staple mains such as the raw Thai noodles and raw lasagna.  This is perfect beach dining, starting with the raw hummus appetizer, one of the big salads and ever-present aguas.  As always, the beauty of raw food is the  guilt-less dessert!  Decadent, rich, full of flavor but instead of bloating that bikini bod you’ve been working on for months for your trip to the beach, they are the nutritional equivalent of a protien supplement!

Unfortunately, we were not able to get inside the Papaya Playa Hotel, but we did get a look at their events schedule.  There are all sorts of activities perfect for vacation – from movie nights under the stars, to sunset bar-b-que on the beach, to packages at the well known Spa.  The trip we really wish we had time for, was the visit to the Tulum Ruins via catamaran!  You arrive by ocean in style, like the 14th century Spanish – except this trip comes complete with champagne!  Next time!!

Papaya Playa Reception

Raw Energy Ball
Raw Thai Noodles
Raw Chocolate Cake
Raw Chocolate Cake
Raw Peakan Square

Raw Hummus

Raw Lasagna



Planet Raw – Santa Monica, CA

Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CA
Kelp Cheezy Pasta

Planet Raw

Organic Raw Food Restaurant
(1) 310 – 587 1552
609 Broadway  (@ 6th St. corner)
Santa Monica, California 90401


10:00 am – 10:30 pm   Sunday – Thursday
10:00 am – 11:00 pm    Friday – Saturday

We believe the Raw food world can be divided into two distinct camps- both of which have excellent representation in Santa Monica, California.  The first group is focused on the lifestyle of raw and is expressed well by many restaraunts; the second, spearheaded by Planet Raw, is a Culinary perspective.

At Planet Raw, the shakes were phenomenal.  Hands down the best we’ve ever had.   And add in an extra superlative for good measure!  We started with Kreamy Electrolyte Lemonade (lemons, honey, ginger, Strawberries, & electrolytes).  Then continued with the Vanilla Protein Shake (nut mylk, sapote, ice, honey and Juliano’s protein powder which consists of pumpkin & hemp seeds, super enzymes, maca, spirulina, blue & crystal mana, mesquite, tocos, sprouted buckwheat, bee pollen, bio culture and silica).  And then for dessert, the blueberry instant cleanse with blueberries, gogi berries, maca, bee polen  and we added bioculture (lactobacillus micro organisms of L. salivarus, & l. plantarum).  All the shakes we tried where topped with a granola and were just really special!

The Tahini Salad was full of tomatoes , seaweed, buckwheat sprouts, avocado, leafy greens and was topped with an excellent tahini dressing.

The Cheezy Pasta is made with kelp noodles; a nice change from the omni-present zuchinni strings- and much more comforting.  Combining excellently with the nut cheese sauce the dish was a true delight.  We followed the recommendation from our lovely waitress and ordered the side of marinated mushrooms to mix in.  Bliss, just bliss!

Everyone working at Planet Raw shown with the light of health. No gray wasted vegans here, only sun-filled smiles and hearts.  Having been tooling around the health food world for a while, it is easy to see places where the staff is under-nourished.  Here the food gave them all a joy and happiness that you want to tap into.  Our waitress shown with an interior sun that made us delve into the menu!

Juliano Brotman has created a truly delicious oasis of  texture and flavors.  He has also authored  Raw: The Uncook Book and The Complete Book of Raw Food; currently he is in the process of publishing a third.

In retrospective, the food was so good at Planet Raw that it helped us make the decision to return to LA- a trip that was  worth it just for another of the Kreamy Electrolyte Lemonades 🙂

Planet Raw - Santa Monica, CACinnamon Rolls with Vanilla cream
Planet Raw - Santa Monica, CA
Kreamy Electrolyte Lemonade & Mango Tango Shake
Planet Raw - Santa Monica, CA
Special Mushroom Ravioli in Daikon
Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CATahini Salad
Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CAKelp Cheezy Pasta
Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CA
Maki S&M
Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CA
Vanilla Protein Shake
Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CA
Vanilla Protein Shake

Planet Raw  -  Santa Monica, CA