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Maach Ecute – Tokyo, Japan

Maach Ecute 002

Maach Ecute Kanda Manseibashi

(81)  33.257.8910
1-25-4, Kandasudacho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo 101-0041, Japan


Open Hours:
9:30 – 18:00    Daily

On the edge of Akihabara (electronics’s town), on the embankment of  the  Kanda River, lies the Mach Ecute mall.

In 2013, as part of the reconstructed old Minsebaishi Station, the lower level of the red brick viaduct was transformed into a shopping arcade;  the arches separating each space.  Showcasing young designers and manufacturers in a combination of fashion, housewares, restaurants, cafés and bakeries.

If you are cruising Akihabara, definitely swing by.  There is access to the pltform cafe and roofgarden and, importantly, there is a Hitachino’s Nest Brewing Lab for tasting many a life affirming beer!

Maach Ecute 003
Maach Ecute 009
Maach Ecute 005
Maach Ecute 006b001 copy
Maach Ecute 004

Maach Ecute 008

Saint Charles Apotheke – Vienna, Austria



Saint Charles Apotheke

(34) 1 – 586 1363
Gumpendorfer Straße 30
1060 Wien, Austria


Open Hours:
8:00 – 18:30    Monday to Friday
8:00 – 13:00    Saturday

Originally named “Apotheke zur heiligen Dreifaltigkeit“ (Holy Trinity Pharmacy) the Saint Charles Apotheke has been preparing and selling herbal remedies since 1886.  They now also sell their own cosmetic line, as well as other natural cosmetic  brands.

One can make an appointment with one of the pharmacist to get specially made tonics and creams designed for your personal ecosystem.

A full complement of quality remedies makes Saint Charles worth a visit,  but don’t expect a very friendly staff.    🙂

i.phpabove photo © Venja Paulsen



Itoya – Tokyo, Japan


Itoya Stationary

(81)  33.561.8311
Ginza, 2-7-15 Chuo-ku
Tokyo  104-0061 , Japan
othr locations


Open Hours:
10:00 – 20:00    Daily

As if everyone in Japan, Stationary is raised to a level that trumps most of which you have ever seen before!   If you ever debate over which pen to write with, or which paper is best to write on, then a visit to the top Stationary store in Tokyo is in order!

This position is held by the venerable Itoya Stationary.    While there are multiple locations, the flagship in the heart of Ginza is definitely the one to visit; for not only the high quality of products but also the attention to display.

Each floor is dedicated to a subject.  An entire expanse of every mechanical pencil and ball pen imaginable.  A floor for agendas, and if you can’t find one you are happy with?  Then head for the the customized agenda atelier.

A wonderful floor to create your own stationary holds a large wall with swatches in every color imaginable!  Just pick the swatches you want and have the paper cut to ever size or envelope you desire.

We were so mesmerized, we forgot to take more photos !!

 Ginza Itoya 000
Ginza Itoya 001