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TA-ZE – Toronto, Canada


TA-ZE Olive Oil

(1) 416 626 6553
120 Adelaide Street West, West R3
Toronto, ON M5H 1T1, Canada


9:00 – 17:00    Monday – Friday

One of the benefits of the modern globalized world is increased trade and specialization.  The apex of this may be TA-ZE.  This olive-oil boutique – yes you read that correctly -is not very easy to find, but worth the search.

Buried on an underground path, one finds a plethora of premium Turkish olive oils from the Aegean provinces.  A dazzling array produced by 33 union affiliated co-operatives equaling 28,000 distinct olive producers.

The beautful store concept by Toronto-based interior design firm Burdifilek, is a lovely and tasty visit.

To answer your question .. yes, of course they have flavored balsamic vinegars as well!







Amoeba Music – LA

Amoeba Records - LA


Amoeba Music
(1) 323 – 245 6400
6400 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90028, USA
( Downtown Hollywood)

Open Hours:
10:30 am –   11:00 pm   Monday – Saturday
11:00 am –    9:00 pm    Sunday

In this day and age where digital music is daily increasing its reign – there are still a few places where the music lover can go and enjoy the physicality of CDs & LPs. Rising above any music store I’ve ever been to is the Los Angelas Branch of Amoeba Music.  Since 2001 it has been a mecca to music lovers, a complete departure from today’s corporate chain stores and online retailers.  Here you can find any rhythm in any movement from all epochs and every corner of the world.   From obscure and underground beats to mainstream pop, tribal grooves, jazz, classics this is the place to discover your next favorite!

On top of all the wonderful new, used and vintage CDs, DVDs and Vinyls,  Amoeba Records is also a record label, a blog and hosts a series of in-store concerts.  An absolute must on any visit to Los Angeles.

There are three stores, the original in Berkeley (created in 1991 by Marc Weinstein) as well as the one shown here in Hollywood and another San Francisco branch.  Of the three, LA is definitely the best  – not only for their endless amount of content but also the atmosphere.  There you can browse for hours, go to the listening booth, browse some more or just allow your eyes to delight with the amazing collection of rock posters and t-shirts that cover every visible space.  The real beauty is that during all your glorious music perusing hours, no one will interfere with your selection rhythm.


Amoeba Records - LA


Amoeba Records - LA


Amoeba Records - LA


Amoeba Records - LA


Amoeba Records - LA

Halcyon Records – Brooklyn, New York



Vinyl Record Store
(1)  718 – 260 9299
57 Pearl Street
corner of Pearl & Water Streets in Dumbo
Brooklyn, NY 11201


Noon  – 8:00 pm   Mon/Wed/Sat
Noon  – 9:00 pm   Tue/Thu/Fri
Noon  – 6:00 pm   Sunday

One of the last great record shops in NY, Halcyon moved to its Dumbo location in 2006.  Creating community through their weekly instore performances by local and visiting DJs and disseminating extensive information on events throughout the city. (see their BLOG for schedule)



Halcyon faces the magnificent Manhattan Bridge through a couple of very industrial buildings making this spot quite cinematographic. On one side street  there is a graffiti wall on which the art changes from time to time.  Across the street is a public space, complete with parasol tables and chairs, where you can sit and enjoy the area and listen to the music from the store.  Wonderful especially when there are performances.

The store itself is beautifully designed  with an ivy mural framing the windows on the outside,  high ceiling inside, vinyl art on the walls, astroturf grass on the floor and a even a stone garden.

The staff is friendly, helping you with their selection of a little bit of everything:  Acid Jazz, Afro-Latin, Ambient, Noise, Disco+’80s+Dance Classics, DJ Mixes, Downbeat, Lounge, Trip-Hop, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Grime, Electro, Acid, Breaks, Electronica, Exotica, World, Funk, Breakbeats, Hip-Hop, House, Jazz, Nu Disco, Italo, Reggae, Dub, Rock, Pop, Folk, Techno…….. Be sure to check out their wall of suggestions and don’t be afraid to ask for whatever your interested in.

On top of all the great new/used records & disks, Halcyon also carries t-shirts, books and other items to keep you up to date with the scene.

The area of Dumbo itself is a wonderful place to explore.  Having come on in recent years, it is now home to an eclectic mix of businesses and people.  A trip to the park under the bridges is a must for all visitors to NYC.  The views of lower Manhattan are stunning by both day and night.

Halycon Records  NY