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L’EGGS – Barcelona, Spain

_fachada1photo © L’Eggs

L’EGGS  –  by Paco Perez

(34) 93 – 238 4846
Passeig de Gràcia, 116,
08008 Barcelona, Spain


13:00 – 24:00     Monday – Saturday
13:00 – 16:00     Sundays

Another restaurant by renowned chef Paco Perez ( of the Michelin 3star Miramar) is the lovey L’egg; a relaxed scene at the top of Passeig de Gràcia –  just a few blocks from Casa Mila.

The menu as it’s name suggests, the offering is mostly of egg based dishes.  Though the restaurant is famous amongst locals for its cocktails.  As we did not try them, we can’t weigh in on that part 🙂

The food was quite good, with the Torrija the dish that had us coming back 2-3 times over the course of the week.  It was e(gg)cellent!

The tomato and piparras (traditional long green pepper from the Basque Country) salad, was quite good.

The Merluza (hake) tacos with miso mayonnaise  were particularly good although there were not tacos in the Mexican way, but battered and fried fish chunks.

The fried eggplant wedges  with honey,were interesting, but a bit too oily for our tastes.

Hands down L’eggs provided the best croquettes during our entire Barcelona culianry trip.  The were truly candy: fluffy inside with a tantalizingly crispy shell.

The Torrija de Santa Teresa, with vanilla coffee ice cream was the best ever, so good it sets the standard for any chef attempting to recreate this classic.  In our opinion, worth a Michelin star on its own!


L-Eggs_006croquetas de yema
L-Eggs_004cocas cristal con tomate
L-Eggs_007Torrija de Santa Teresa, with vanilla coffee ice cream
L-Eggs_008Crema Catalana with caramel icecream


20131002_132709_img_6499photo © L’Eggs



Restaurant Pujol

Pujol – Mexico City, Mexico

Restaurant Pujol(above photo © Pujol)


(52) 5 545 3507
Francisco Petrarca 254 Polanco
México, D.F. 11570


2:00 pm – 3:30pm  Monday – Saturday
8:00 pm – 10:30pm  Monday – Saturday

The above photo illustrates the combination of traditional and modern culinary thought  by celebrated chef Enrique Olvera.  Graduating from the Culinary Institute of America Snr. Olvera set himself back in the culinary mecca of DF.   Rather then imitating the New York food scene, Enrique opened Pujol with a daring approach – combing modern culinary techniques with the traditional ancient jewels of Mexican cuisine.

You can taste his success, but if you are looking for rankings, in 2012 Pujol ranked number 36th best restaurant in the world.  In 2014 we see a big jump up to number 20.  Kudos to well deserved accolades.

Pujol offers two tasting menus: ocean and earth.  We ordered both, only adjusting Earth to be vegetarian.  Thankfully – and contrary to many cities – this request was not an issue; quite contrary, the chef was pleased to adapt and create special courses for us.

As an overture to our evening we were presented with perfectly round pumpkin emitting a aromatic smoke.  Inside, to our delight, were smoked elotes skewers (baby corns) with a dipping coffee mayonnaise and ant dust.

An then the parade of mezcals and memorable delights began, starting with an extensive list of mezcals and the best sangritas we had in all of Mexico!

Service was to the top, no pretension and just lovely service. Again, like  Biko and Dulce Patria, the sommeliers and waiters, were educated patient and knowledgeable; giving detailed descriptions and answers to our endless list of questions.


Restaurant Pujolthe salsas

From left to right:
Salsa Roja: roasted garlic, onion, manzano and habanero chiles
Salsa Yucateca: pumpkin seeds, chamomile, lime and cilantro
Salsa Verde: habanero chiles, cilantro with its roots y and tomatillo

Restaurant Pujol
Restaurant Pujol
Restaurant Pujol(above photo chicharron de queso © Pujol)

Chicharron de Queso is a cheese tuile topped with three different avocado puree; one with chapulines (grasshoppers); the second one with pico de gallo (fresh chopped red onion, tomato, chile and lime) and the third avocado pure topped with tomatillo, cilntro and a bit of green chile.

Flautas de aguacate rellenes de camaron cristal

Flautas de aguacate rellenes de camaron cristal(above photo flauta de Aguacte © Pujol)

Thin avocado slices replacing a traditional deep fried flauta tortilla, filled with shrimp and octopus and a crunchy surprise, along with a chipotle mayonnaise on cilantro emulsion

Restaurant Pujol
Restaurant Pujol(above photo © Pujol)

Inflaita de huevo is an inflated fried tortilla filled with potato mousse, a little bit of black bean puree, red chile sauce with chapulines (grasshoppers) and wild cilantro topped with a perfectly cooked egg.  Yes it is a sous vide cooked egg – perfect texture all around.

Restaurant PujolHeirloom tomato salad with breaded Oaxaca cheese balls resting over avocado puree, fried tomato skin, bean leafs, sesame and chili vinaigrette.  On this dish the fried tomato skin was a revelation on color, texture and flavor

Restaurant Pujol(above photo Pulpo a la Mexicana© Pujol)

One grilled octopus tentacle tempura’d on one end and topped with pico de gallo (fresh chopped red onion, tomato, chile and lime) on the other.  Adorned with olive sauce and basil reduction.

This dish has a striking presentation and is cooked point to perfection.  This is one of the menu items were you can clearly appreciate the quality and freshness of the ingredients and see where the top ranking is deserved.


Fish (robalo) ceviche taco; the tortilla was made with chayote and hoja santa topped with black bean puree, serrano chile, totomoxtle (the dried husk of an ear of corn) powder and dry chiles with lime juice.

Pujol_above photo © Adam Goldberg

Pan seared Guachinango (red snapper) with ginger orange mojo (garlic sauce) and tatemado (tatemar is a special charring technique in Mexican culinary that utilizes a cast iron pan)  male plantain and onion puree


Thinly blown sugar sphere filled with piloncillo  (unrefined sugar that is commonly used in Mexican cooking), ice cream and guava puree.  It is topped with tiny lime meringues, peanut powder, amaranth crumble and mandarin gelatin.

We don’t know what was more impressive, the texture or the flavours – not to mention the super skilled pastry kitchen, blowing sugar so thin and perfect requires years of practice and patience.

Pujol__04above photo © Adam Goldberg

Cremoso de Aguacate is an avocado cream with salted macadamias coconut ice cream almond crumble  and coconut gelatin


Pujol__02above photo © Adam Goldberg

Caramelized camote (sweet potato) crunchy amaranth tuile, yogurt ice cream, milk panacotta y  guayabato (large guava with pink flesh) puree all the ingredients complemented each other seamlessly.


Pujol__03above photo © Adam Goldberg

Lime margarita granita with cointreau cream and meringues topped with lemon zest and  begonia dragon petals, not only beautiful but very refreshing like a bowl of snow.

Pujol__05above photo © Adam Goldberg

At the very end of our meal we had the Chipilín Sorbet.  Chipilin in an herb similar to the verdolaga and it grows in southern Mexico places like Chiapas and Oaxaca. It was flambe’d in mescal in a colorful last performance.

Restaurant Pujol Kitchen(above photo The very skilled team that makes it happen)
Restaurant Pujol Kitchen(above photo The Sous Chef)
Pujol Chef(above photo Super Chef Enrrique Olvera © Pujol)
Restaurant Pujol(above photo © Pujol) 

Sense Appeal – Toronto Canada


Sense Appeal Coffee Roasters

(1) 416 203 0023
6 Spadina Ave,
Toronto, Canada


7:30  – 18:00      Mon – Fri
9:00  – 17:00      Sat – Sun
Bar far the best coffee we found in Toronto – happily complimented with amazing pastries and a perfect baklava.  The croissants are perfect due to obvious top-notch baking skills combined with high-end (mostly organic) ingredients.  A winning combination every time.
Delicious daily planed lunch menus round out a lovely location.  These tasty lunches sell out early in the afternoon – so don’t dawdle!
Note that the the entrance is not obvious as you go through the lobby of an office building.  Keep an eye out for the window display.
Sence-Appeal_010Caffè Macchiato
Sence-Appeal_015Oat Muffin
Sence-Appeal_020Granola Bars