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Sighisoara’s Daily Market – Sighisoara, Romania


Dayly Market

Sighisoara Romania


Just off the Strada Libertatii – turn right out of the train station, walk to and cross the bridge over the river ,a  is a little further down on the left – you will find Sighisoara’s daily food market.

Villagers come by foot, car & horse drawn carriages to buy and sell produce, cheeses, meats, seasonal fruits, vegetables and scrumptious sweet and savory preserves!

Among the many highlights the jars of tomato juice  called ‘bulion’ which make a tasty base for pasta sauces.  Preserved cherries, peaches and other fruits are often on sale during the harvest months. If you don’t see any of the jars of fruit about, ask anyone for ‘compot’ and they will point you to a seller.

This market is an old-world experience in itself,  genuine and uninterrupted for centuries


International Café – Sighisoara, Romania


International Café And Family Center

(036) 573.0334
Piata Cetatii 8, Citadel
Sighisoara Romania

Open Hours:
10:00 – 18:00    Monday – Saturday (winter)
09:00 – 19:00    Monday – Saturday (Summer)

Romanian cuisine is a bit on the heavy and very meat oriented,  this place was a blessing on our path with plenty vegetarian options,  The cafe  is part of  Veritas, a Christian organization doing social work in Romania.

The Café has internet Access in the basement .  You can also buy beautiful ceramics and other  handcrafts which proceeds go to the  poor.on

The menu consists of Lasagna, Veggie chili, grilled cheese sandwiches, quiches, soups, muffins, and a variety of  delicious  pies ( Apple and Blackberry, Apple and Raisin) and a good selection of cookies and cakes and the  and toasted sarnies ain’t ‘ave bad too!

They also organize tours in the summer.




Blue Ribbon Bakery Market – NYC

Blue Ribbon_015b

Blue Ribbon Bakery Market

14 Bedford Street ( 6Ave. – Downing St. )
New York, NY 10014


11:00am – 8:00pm  Monday – Friday
9:00am – 6:00pm  Saturday and Sunday


The Blue Ribbon Market, not the cafe, is a little place in the west village where you can find some of the best breads this city has to offer; including flavored ciabattas (arugula, rosemary…), country breads, baguettes, rye, 9 grains…. some of them with organic alternatives.

They also have a wonderful selection of Mexican raw honey, with flavors like: Mesquite Blossom, Autumn Flower, Veracruz Orange, MT Mexteca and Golden Reserve

Blue Ribbon_003


Seasoned salts, flavored sugars, cheese and eggs from local farms, pickles, smoked fish olive oil , the best baklava ever with made real honey…. and now the selection really begins to fill out.

Prepared open toasts with all sort of toppings like honey and manchego cheese,  or  herring and pickled onions are just a bonus – try  to have with one of their daily soups.

But beyond all the tantalizing foods and top quality ingredients, once again we find service is king.  The staff here is ALWAYS on top of their game and easy with a smile.  This is one of the places that makes you feel great about spending your money there.


Blue Ribbon_007(above ) Mexican Honey


Blue Ribbon_000


Blue Ribbon_010(above ) Honey Manchego cheese toast


Blue Ribbon_005


Blue Ribbon_002