Tapas Molecular Bar – Tokyo, Japan

tokyo-tapas-03above photo © Mandarin Oriental

Tapas Molecular Bar

(81)  33.270.8188
Mandarin Orintal Hotel
2-1-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi

Tokyo 102-8328, Japan


Open Hours:
11:00 – 15:30     Lunch
18:00 – 00:00    Dinner

While highly-touted, we found Tokyo’s Tapas Molecular Bar more Vegas entertainment than Michelin Star-worthy.  Usually we would not review a restaurant that does not excite us, but here we do as it is so heavily marketed.

Chef Ngan Ping Chow, originally from Hong Kong, is rather entertaining, a very good performer with knowledge of different languages  and the main attraction.  He creates decent examples of current modernist techniques.  This is a good introduction for people not immersed in modernist cuisine, a.k.a. tourists.  Tapas Molecular bar is definitely not for gourmets, as the food is not breathtaking in flavor at all.

On top of  the food quality, the service not to the Japanese high standards.  When you are paying $100’s for a meal, small gaff’s become more noticeable; like most high end restaurants with multiple course menus, TMB hands you a menu at the end of your meal,  the beauty and form in-line with the artistic expression of the restaurant.  Here, we received a simple printout that did not even reflect the meal  we had.

Ok – enough of that – now onto the meal (which admittedly photographs beautifully!)

Dinner commences with a small toolbox containing a small hammer, mini shovel, tweezers, saw and a tape measure  with the menu printed on it (which was pretty slick).  This is followed with a series of dishes.

Tapas Molecular Bar 009

Crudités and dip

Tapas Molecular Bar 012

Prawn Cocktail
Prawns and avocado in brandy, with deep-fried seaweed and buried in breadcrumbs,
Thousand Island dressing and topped with an Iceplant leaf

Tapas Molecular Bar 015

Tapas Molecular Bar 016

Poatoe foam and three different bonito dashi (cooking stock) gel cylinders filled with Ikura (salmon roe), umibudo (sea grape from Okinawa), and sturgeon caviar.

Tapas Molecular Bar 018

Poached fig + raisin brioche covered with egg-less foam hollandaise (made out of potato starch, chive and wine reduction)

Tapas Molecular Bar 020
Tapas Molecular Bar 022

Cigar Leaf
Smoked cherry root and crispy potato crust; lined with an green apple gel sheet and filled with cucumber black sesame ash

Chutney Tobacco
Sauté persimmon with onion purée, mustard seeds, and micro cilantro
mushrooms sautéed in Curry spices on top mini naan bread

Tapas Molecular Bar 027

Onsen Tamago
Maitake mushroom with truffles and a poached egg made as reverse spherification.  The yolk (made of pumpkin) and the albumin (made of tofu) are double spherified  in a mold

Tapas Molecular Bar 031

Cream and butter in the jigger, foam in the cup,  lobster bisque in the shaker, and lobster on the strainer; all to be mixed, shacked and consumed.

Tapas Molecular Bar 035

Steamed grouper brushed with shoyu (soy sauce) served with with pickled seaweed on top of a sharkskin paddle for wasabi and ginger grading

Tapas Molecular Bar 038

Scallops from Hokaido on corn paper truffle dots and a fried egg made out of bechamel sauce for the white and bell pepper puré for the yolk.

Tapas Molecular Bar 039

Halibut decorated with purple carrot bay leaf and smoke paired with a melted bocconcini  wrapped in a potato crossed.

Melted marshmallow for texture, toasted edamame , passion fruit mustard.
Shoyu -Balsamic reduction. Nori -Blackberry tuile

        Tapas Molecular Bar 046

Walnut candy shell, field with chocolate mouse, cheesecake with elder flower syrup.

Tapas Molecular Bar 049
Mint and chocolate meringue in liquid nitrogen, not much of a desert but great theater.
The idea is you eat it all in a bite and exhale the nitrogen smoke through the nose, kind of funny and cute for children.

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