Új Színház – Budapest, Hungary


Új Színház

(New Theatre)
(36) 1 – 269 6021
(36) 1 – 269 6024
(36) 1 – 351 8510
1061 Budapest Paulay Ede utca 35
Budapest, Hungary


2:00pm – 7:00pm  Daily

The New Theater – Új Színház – is located across the street from the opera house.  Walk to the end of the narrow Dalszinhaz Utca and you will see this very striking Art Deco edifiace.

Designed in 1909 bu Hungarian architect Béla Lajta the Új Színház was originally the night club Parisiana.  In 1910 the name was changed to the Crystal Pallace and in 1912 it was changed again to the simpler Dance Pallace. The name game continued in 1919 when  the moniker became the Variety Theatre and then quickly afterwards in 1925 The National Theatre and later both the Studio Theatre and Andrássy Theatre.

In the 1950’s the façade was restored and it was once again renamend to the Jókai Theatre. In the 60’s the facade frieze was demolished and the buidling become the Thalia.  Finally to be restored and resurrected in the 80’s as the Új Színház.

Currently the building is still quite striking and worth a look when you are in the neighborhood.







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