+ showing the best of Kanazawa

Guide to the best of Kanazawa, Japan

We hope you enjoy our Guide to the best of Kanazawa, Japan!

Kanazawa is a tourist destination for the Japanese.  International tourism usually heads south to Kyoto and its plethora of temples.  For a slightly different experience, head west and enjoy Kanazawa.   This intimate city is home to the edo era Higashiyama Higashi Chaya District, the superbly maintained Kanazawa Castle, the best of Kenroku-en gardens and the lovely 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

showing the best of Kanazawa


Kenroku-en Japanese Garden (兼六園)

kenrokuen gardens with geisha

The kenroku-en japanese garden is the type of place that words cannot due justice. Once again, we recommended day and evening visit. During the day there is a very cute tea house constructed in 1725 and at night, the lights are simply … sublime.

Kanazawa Castle 金沢城

rooftops of kanazawa castle
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+ dining area at criollo restaurant Oaxaca

Criollo Restaurant Oaxaca

On the edge of Oaxaca’s historical city center lies the best restaurant in Oaxaca, a must-go destination for food lovers.

Criollo restaurant Oaxaca is the combined effort of the world-renowned developer and architect Javier Sánchez, the creative talent behind Condesa DF hotel in Mexico city, and chef Enrique Olvera from Pujol. Together they have created a playground kitchen, dessert garden and guest house.

Criollo is dedicated to exploring and preserving the traditional Oaxacan cooking techniques. It is also a canvas for chefs to experiment, improve and share their knowledge through extensive internship programs. Criollo thrives by keeping its doors open to chefs and cooks from all over the world. In Mexico City, you will find many staff members who began their careers by walking through those open doors.

ingredients at Criollo the Best restaurant in Oaxaca
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+ Criollo Clase 012 | Culinary Class at Criollo Oaxaca

Culinary Class at Criollo Oaxaca

Pujol is one of our all-time favorite restaurants. Chef Enrique Olivera is one of the most humble people we have ever met, and Criollo is the embodiment of his soul. We were overjoyed to experience a one-on-one culinary class at Criollo in Oaxaca.

As with everything in Mexican cooking, it all starts with corn. First the corn is left to dry on the cob. Then is harvested and let to dry under the sun. After 3 days baking, the grains are removed.

Criollo Clase 061 | Culinary Class at Criollo Oaxaca
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+ 1872 Hotel 016 | 1872 River House Charming Hotel in Porto

1872 River House Charming Hotel in Porto

Carolina greeted us at the door with a bounce and a smile that is the embodiment of the 1872 River House. A converted mansion that is filled with light, joy, and life!

Portugal is a lovely sun-drenched country that has recently seen its international stature sky-rocket. Ever since Madonna purchased her house outside Lisbon; that city has been top-scroll news! Porto is Portugal’s second city. A smaller city that encourages strolls along the Douro river and to take time for oneself.

If you are looking for a charming hotel in Porto, the 1872 River House should be top of your list. Perfectly located in the geographical center of exploration and intimate and tucked away.

There are 8 doll-house rooms. 4 Facing an ancient alley (1-3-5-7) and 4 facing the River (2-4-6-8). We highly recommend confirming yourself in rooms 2, 4, or 6. They offer the best river views with large windows. Rooms 2 & 4 having a terrace as well!

Any of the rooms will grant you easy access to all of Porto. Both banks of the waterfront, and the central area an easy walk. Breakfast was lovely and like everything, served with joy :)

exterior of 1872 River House a Charming Hotel in Porto

If you are looking for a destination from Porto, consider a night at the Pedras Salgadas nature park. With their mesmerizing tree houses!

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+ Casa Wabi 036 | Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido: Stunning Art & Architecture by Tadao Ando

Casa Wabi in Puerto Escondido: Stunning Art & Architecture by Tadao Ando

The Fundación Casa Wabi, in Puerto Escondido, is an exciting complex. It is a home for artists, sustainable farm and botanical garden – all housed in a stunning creation by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando. (Andō Tadao)

Take a stroll a few meters down the beach from the Hotel Escondido, and you encounter a complex that is both a massive concrete block and lighter than air. An oasis of creativity melting into the Mexican sun.

Cleaving the main palapa in two, we find a massive concrete wall
long x 3.6m high. Running parallel to the pacific coast it is dividing the property into two zones.

On the ocean-side -a grand reception and dining room find shade under a giant palapa. Elevated to have a perfect view of the elongated swimming pool streaming to the sea. The roof palms shimmering reflected in the water.

On the inland side, we find the core of the Fundación. Artists residences and studios on the southern half. Galleries and performance spaces on the north. Note the staff is very protective of this part; leading one to imagine the secrets it may hold! So if you wander – prepare for a confrontation.

Ceramic Ring Instllation at the casa wabi in puerto escondido
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