REVISIT: The Best Coffee in New York

Over a decade later, Abraco is still the best coffee in New York City (NYC) and the best coffee experience in NYC.  If Michelin gave ratings for coffee shops – Abraco would be 3 stars!   It could very well be the best coffee in the world!

Almost 2 years after Abraço has opened, it is still a daily stop for friends, food, coffee, and conversation.  A true New York City experience, where the chatting is as delicious as the fare.  If you’re in New York, do yourself a favor and swing by!

Abraço brews the perfect cup of Coffee.  Thanks to the proprietor and main man Jamie, the coffee is so good we gave up on home brewing and gave away our coffee machine!  The food is absolutely divine. In the mornings, brioche (baked at Abraço), olive oil cakes, Pain Perdu (a slice of french toast folded with homemade ricotta!), sconces, rose Cookies….. and whatever other lovely creations dreamed up that day are all there for your palatial pleasure.

Cortado at Abraco - best coffee in new york

As an egg aficionado, I will make special mention of the frittata.  It is extraordinary, light and fluffy.  This masterpiece from Abraço has changed my entire concept of the dish.  I now know that I had NEVER had a quality frittata- airy, soft, savory, sweet- until I ate one here.   The bar has been raised, and no one else has come close. (yes, I really really love it!)

photo © Sean Ganann

From noon -4pm Chef Elizabeth Quijada creates 3 different delicious lunch options which usually includes a seasonal soup, that can be garlic almond milk or saffron corn chowder, a vegetable plate like baby roasted carrots and eggplants with caramelized onions and a toast like topped with ricotta, roasted and marinated vegetables… or the best grilled cheese with marinated peppers and topped with avocado tomatillo salsa.

The food is always vegetarian (Abraço does not advertise the veggie factor) and they only use organic dairy.

photo © Sean Ganann
photo © confusedbee
photo © Sean Ganann


212  388 9731
86E. 7th st. (west of 1st avenue)
New York, NY  10009

8:00 – 18:00 Tuesday – Saturday
9:00 – 18:00 Sunday

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