Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s  Alphaville film,  Architect Joyce Wang  designed Ammo, a most beautiful restaurant enclosed in a six meter high glass box, tucked away on the lower level of the Asia Society.

On one side, the tall windows face a lush jungle garden at the base of a hill; peering up at the walking bridges above in the gardens.

As you enter yo are  impressed by the hanging, deconstructed spiral staircase light fixture and the back drop of copper piping; an embossed pattern covering the wall behind the bar.  The elements combine well and create a refined atmosphere with a bit of a steam-punk edge.   Once you sit and start to take in the different elements every detail starts gaining importance, from the green velvet banquettes by the window. to the wood choices.  Ammo is  very well put together.

Ammo 01 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Angel Hair with sea urchin, cherry tomatoes and garlic chips – photo © Ammo

The menu is designed by chef Roland Schuller is a gentle  mix of east and west.  A menu that allows you to sample local flavors without pushing you out of a comfort zone.  Highly recommended are the Sous Vide Cocktails; quite an interesting take on some classics.

Ammo 08 | Ammo - Hong Kong
photo © Ammo
Ammo 007 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Sous Vide Mojito Pampero Anejo rum with Mints,  Freshly Squeezed Australian Lime Juice, Syrup
Ammo 04 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Japanese Scallop Carpaccio with green apple, chili caviar and sesame soy dressing – photo © Ammo
Ammo 05 | Ammo - Hong Kong
photo © Ammo
Ammo 006 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Spiced Old Fashioned Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Orange, Cherry,    Anise, Cinnamon Stick, Cloves and Syrup
Ammo 10 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Photo © Ammo Joice Wang
Ammo 010 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Slow Cook ed  Egg with asparagus, caviar and potato fondue
Ammo 07 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Photo © Ammo Joice Wang
Ammo 03 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Photo © Ammo Joice Wang
Ammo 09 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Photo © Ammo Joice Wang
Ammo 008 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Scampi Cappuccino  with brandy and scampi foam
Asia Society HK 003 | Ammo - Hong Kong
Asia Society
Ammo 06 | Ammo - Hong Kong

(852)  2.537.9888
Asia Society HK Center
9 Justice Drive
Admiralty, HK

Open Hours:
12:00 – 23:00    Sunday – Thursday
12:00 – 24:00    Friday – Saturday

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