Curving up the road up to Areias Do Seixo from Lisbon, the intense suburbia is disorienting. The row upon column of beige single-family homes is not inspiring. Keep going. Pass Santa Cruz. Pass the Noah Guest House. Duck behind the cookie cutters. Then enter Areias Do Seixo’s natural ecological and farming reserve. Approach the ornate wooden entrance doors. Their magical scrollwork is reminiscent of elven carvings or druidical scrawlings and imposing heft. And step into the magical realm that is Areias Do Seixo.

Chic Hotel Room Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Poolside dining area at Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal

An extended entrance corridor expands into a large glass atrium. A rustic wooden reception desk on your right. Tables, lounges, and a kitchen off in the distance to your left. A wide, sloping staircase framed by towering glass walls, ending at a set of inviting, if hefty, wooden doors in front that lead to the gardens and beach glimpsed through the glass. Opening these doors inhales the aromas of wintergreen and lavender, signaling your senses that you are entering a magical land. Pass through the portal and skip through the gardens and via the winding path to the dunes, cliffs, and beaches beyond.

Bedroom in the Love Suite at the Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Love Room

Areias Do Seixo represents the eclectic style of the modern nomad. Integrating natural aesthetic, contemporary design, and sustainable environmental awareness. Without question, it is in our Top 5 favorite hotels!

There is a joy in exploring the elaborate whimsical details. The inspiring quotes of legendary authors, written in calligraphy, adorn each room’s door. Dicken’s invites you in, to enjoy the warmth of the fireplace. Facing the flames, the modern ghost chairs contrast with their coolness. Moroccan handicrafts, rustic tables, and polished concrete combine with a free spirit. The result is an eclectic mix that relaxes and inspires.

Suite at the Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Land Room Jasmim © Areias Do Seixo
Private Plunge Pool at the Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Gold room Prata – photo © Areias Do Seixo

Where you are often smashed over the head with the altruistic-ness of an enterprise. Areias Do Seixo seamlessly builds in sustainability. The green touch of environmentalism is all around you. For Instance, Solar panels provide electricity while solar water heaters steam your bathtub. While green Roofs and local cork insulation keep temperatures stable. In the hot summer, organic fiber shades cover massive windows. Thereby reducing reliance on air conditioning. In winter, the building absorbs sunlight streaming through the giant windows. Heavy stones trap this heat and radiate warmth in the evenings. With the same ethos, the organic greenhouse is irrigated with collected rainwater. The same greenhouse supplies many of the delicious meals served to you!

Areias Do Seixo Beach in Portugal
Gardens and Beach

The gardens are an immense maze of pathways leading to many a hidden magical hideout. A swing in the woods, chickens laying your morning eggs, a driftwood table overlooking an epic cliff, staring over the wide and wild beach below. Navigating the long snaking stairway down to the sands offers you the reward of luxuriously empty walks or cooling dips in the ocean. While we did not get into the ocean due to our late fall visit, the perfect light of the Portuguese sun more than made recompense.

The vibe at Areias Do Seixo is to bring people together. Almost every night sees a gathering. A generous bonfire and a communal glass of lovely Portuguese wine is a lovely way to end the day and begin new friendships.

Path to the Areias Do Seixo beach in Portugal
Areias Do Seixo Beach
Areias Do Seixo Beach
Path through the Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel gardens to the beach
Looking back to the Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Banquet Table at the Areias Do Seixo hotel in portugal
photo © Areias Do Seixo
Areias Do Seixo Sustainable Hotel in Portugal
Some Minutes from the hotel finds Noah Sub & Soul. It is Areias’s surfer’s restaurant. with very casual and delicious food

In this world that seems to embrace the cold glitz as a luxury – it is truly luxurious to enjoy a warming, relaxing, and welcoming (and sustainable!) environment. Areias Do Seixo has a mantra “Clients check-in; friends check-out”. We thank you, friends <3

Areias Do Seixo Charm Hotel

Praceta do Atlântico, Póvoa de Penafirme,
2560-046 A dos Cunhados – Torres Vedras, Portugal (+351) 26.193.6340

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