+ h21 | Mott 32  -  Hong Kong

Mott 32 – Hong Kong

Mott 32 is a true beauty.  With and extraordinary interior by Joice Wang (winner of the 2014 restaurant interior design award). The food menu for us was a bit too traditional with their signature peking duck and mountains of pork. Mott’s 32 cocktail menu is fantastic. The flavours are truly local, extensively creative

+ pure veggie one4 | Pure Veggie House  -  Hong Kong

Pure Veggie House – Hong Kong

Pure Veggie House is fantastic! Not very easy to find, but one of those gems when you do. I mean, we would NEVER have found this place on our own in Hong Kong’s labyrinth.

+ Little Bao 4 1 | Little Bao  –  Hong Kong

Little Bao – Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s Little Bao is a lunch counter for dinner, pot-heads paradise designed by Sean-Dix.
A Bao is the Chinese version of sandwich and it is one of those yummy cultural joys that has texture to match taste. The soft squishiness of the rice bread combined with the fried crunchiness of the filling is a match that is hard not to crave.

+ Lok Cha Tea House 00 | House   -  Hong Kong

House – Hong Kong

Offering vegetarian dim sum for lunch and dinner lock-cha teahouse was our favorite restaurant in Hong Kong.