Bar Cañete is a wonderful Catalunian tapas bar.  It came highly recommended by a local bohemian foodie.  It is quite the institution, with their large kitchen staff, wonderful displays and very charming sommeliers.  The Bar is not to be confused with the Cañete Restaurant next door; where you need to make a reservation (which we did not do).

Bar Cañete was so good, we went twice during our short visit.  What stood out so far that it was ordered twice (each visit), was the cocas con tomato (toasted bread with tomato) that was the second best we had in Barcelona (after L’eggs)!

above photo © Bar Cañete

Other top dishes were the salmorejo Cordobez, a spectacular thicker version of the classic gazpacho, the bogavente (lobster) croquette, and the grilled artichokes with romesco.

We’ll let the photos do the talking .. but please be sure that Bar Cañete is worth seeking out!

Salmorejo Cordobez
grilled artichokes with romesco
Zamburiñas a small delicious scallop
fricando de rap bolets (monkfish stew with mushrooms)
Salmorejo Cordobez
grilled calamari sandwich with aioli
garlic and trumpet mushroom soup with a poached egg, a bit heavy for our palate
above photo © Bar Cañete

Bar Cañete

(34) 93 – 270 3458
Carrer de la Unió, 17, Raval District, 08001 Barcelona, Spain

Open Hours:
13:00 – 24:00    Monday – Saturday

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