Tulum itself is a much chiller place then we expected after hearing it’s name for years in travel circles.  It is the essence of hippy-chic with a lovely variety of hotels and restaurants; none of which cross into pretension or put you off.  We stopped into many for a look at the rooms, grounds and menu.

Be Tulum is one of the more boutique of the hotels along the jungle road that is the main drag of Tulum.  An impressive gateway led through to a luxurious garden, full of green palms and hanging candles.  A winding footpath crawled its way towards the ocean, past a series of two story bungalows, each room with a very small private pool.

Here one runs into the only problem with Tulum.  As it is prime vacation territory, the ocean-front lots can be a bit small, and in the case of Be Tulum a bit overbuilt. A few less bungalows and a even just 2 meters more buffer between the path and the rooms would give the privacy one wants for the price-tag.

Top Hotels in Tulum, Be Tulum

At the end of the path, lies the main pool, bar and dining area.  Definitely among the the most stylish of all the hotel bars in the area, it was well adorned with design furniture and a fashionable crown of good-looking adults.  The menu looked tasty, if not overwhelmingly Mexican, being mostly sushi and ceviches; but with El Tábano up the street your not far from your gastronomic fix .  The beach as always in Tulum is of wonderfully fine sand and blue water, if a bit narrow and public.

If you are looking for a place that is out of the bikini-catalog, I think Be Tulum could be it.

Top Hotels in Tulum, Be Tulum
Top Hotels in Tulum, Be Tulum
Top Hotels in Tulum, Be Tulum

Be Tulum Hotel

(52) 01 800 231 46 83
Carretera Tulum-Boca Paila  Km. 10 Zona Hotelera, 77780 Tulum (Quintana Roo), Mexico

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